(Minghui.org) I knew of a woman in her 70s who practiced Falun Dafa before the persecution began in 1999, after which she stopped practicing and avoided other practitioners.

A few years ago, I discovered where she was and began to visit her with updates on Falun Dafa. Although she was not practicing, she still believed in Dafa. I began to deliver Dafa materials to her home on a regular basis, even though she never asked for any. A year later, nothing seemed to have changed with her. She still never asked for any new materials or expressed a wish to join a Fa study group.

One day, after I read Master’s new lecture, I wondered if I should give her a copy. It had been a whole year since I began providing materials to her. She never asked for any, and I have to ride a bus for two hours just to get to her house. I'm nearly 80 years of age and wondered if I was asking too much of myself. After this selfish thought, I suddenly recalled Master’s words, “You should do the things you should do in a normal way.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003”)

I quickly got ready and left home to go see her. She greeted me with a smile and said she was happy to see me. She remarked that it had been a while since I came to visit her, and that she was thinking about giving me a call. I told her about Dafa practitioners’ lawsuits against Jiang Zemin. Then, I suggested she join a Fa study group, and she agreed without hesitation.

After attending a Fa study group regularly, this practitioner has once again become diligent.