(Minghui.org) One day in early June, my sister and I went out of town to work on a farm, bagging apples for the purpose of pest and disease prevention. While working in the field, I noticed the farm owner following us around without saying a word.

A couple hours later, he approached us and said, “You work very well and very fast. You are the two Falun Gong practitioners that all the farmers are talking about these days, aren't you?” I answered, “Yes. Please feel free to tell us if our work needs any improvement.” He said, “You have covered all the good apples no matter how hard they were to reach, and left only the bad ones, which a lot of my workers fail to do. No wonder all the farmers around here fight to have you work in their fields.”

He told us he was an official in the local village's Chinese Communist Party (CCP) committee. He had helped secure the release of several practitioners in his village, but he did not understand why they persisted in their belief despite the persecution, and why they urged people to quit the CCP and its subordinate organizations.

I said to him, “It is hard to explain how much we benefit from following the Falun Gong teachings. Falun Gong cured my illnesses and uplifted my moral standards. I learned how to be kind and considerate of others.”

I continued, “The CCP imposes atheism on the Chinese people, and has destroyed their belief in karmic retribution for wrongdoing. Thus people have lost respect for the divine, and loosened up their moral standards, which is dangerous for the future of humanity.

People all around the world are suing former CCP leader Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution of Falun Gong. It is important for every person to take an upright stance against the CCP's brutal crimes. Doing so will bring them blessings and a good future. This is why practitioners risk everything, including their lives, to help people sever ties with the CCP.”

The farm owner concurred and asked me to help him quit the CCP.

Later, as I searched for any apples not bagged yet, I found a few on a very tall branch. I pulled up the tallest ladder and started climbing, after checking to make sure that it was stable. As I reached for the apples, I heard a loud noise, and the ladder suddenly collapsed. I remember saying in my mind to the founder and Master of Falun Gong, “Please help me.”

When I opened my eyes, the farm owner, my sister, and other co-workers were gathered around me, anxiously calling out my name. I suddenly realized that I had fallen, but I knew I would be okay as long as I maintained righteous thoughts. I endured the pain and managed to stand up. I told them I did not need to go to the hospital and could continue to work, which eased their worries.

The farm owner later told me that he saw me fall from the ladder and hit the ground head-first. He was amazed that I was completely fine. He said that quitting the CCP was not enough. He decided to start practicing Falun Gong himself. He has since been telling people about the incident, and has become an avid supporter of Falun Gong.