(Minghui.org) Greetings Esteemed Master and fellow practitioners.

Before I began practicing Falun Dafa, I suffered from insomnia, was depressed, and needed help throughout the day. I visited many Eastern and Western medical doctors, but to no avail. Unexpectedly, this situation led to my obtaining the Fa.

I was amazed that I could sleep again after attending the second day of the nine-day Falun Dafa class, especially since it happened so soon. I was truly very lucky. After reading the Fa, I understood that our compassionate Master was eliminating my karma, and let me take up the cultivation path. I did the three things well and took ordinary people’s matters lightly. Therefore, all of the symptoms from my depression disappeared.

Looking Inward Instead of Outward

I feel ashamed that I did the three things for many years out of affection for Dafa. In fact, I did not truly know how to cultivate. I always looked outward instead of inward, and sought external solutions.

Mater said,

“…focusing on things such as how others are not treating them well, saying displeasing things, acting too much like ordinary people, always being hard on them, or never accepting their ideas.” (“To the European Fa Conference” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)

If a practitioner fails to look inward, he is, in fact, an ordinary person. Of course, an ordinary person might get ill. So, about eight years after I began cultivating, I suffered from insomnia again.

Although bothered by insomnia for quite a while, I had not slacked off doing Fa-validating projects such as clarifying the truth about Dafa at tourist sites, Shen Yun promotion, and so on. Moreover, I even agreed to be the coordinator for clarifying the truth at a tourist site. It’s impossible for any ordinary person to go without sleep for such a long time, not to mention while being involved in so many Dafa projects. It proves that Dafa is extraordinary.

After I learned how to look inward, and eliminated many of my attachments, including the fear of insomnia, the mentality of competitiveness, and affection for children. I finally could sleep again.

Clarifying the Truth About Dafa Rain or Shine

Yehliu Geopark is a must-see tourist attraction for people from China. It’s a privilege for practitioners in Keelung to see thousands of Chinese tourists every day. But there are not many practitioners who can go there and endure the baking sun and the long rainy season. Sometimes, I also had the attachment to comfort. But, saving sentient beings is a Falun Dafa practitioner’s responsibility, so I dare not slack off.

Although I started to talk to tourists about Dafa at Yehliu Geopark six years ago, I only began going on a daily basis this year, rain or shine. One fellow practitioner lives far from Yehliu, and it takes her four hours each way to get to the tourist site and return home. She nonetheless goes twice a week.

Yehliu Geopark was closed when Typhoon Soudelor hit Taiwan. Even though there was a heavy downpour, my husband drove me to Yehliu, where I saw Chinese tourists present, and the sky was clearing up. We set up display boards as usual, and handed out materials. The weather steadily improved, and we even had to put on sunscreen.

We remained until the last of the Chinese tourists had left. On our way home, it rained cats and dogs again. Yehliu Geopark seemed to be in another dimension that day. After leaving Yehliu, we returned to reality, which was represented by strong winds and heavy rain.

I slept especially soundly that night. I found that as long as I validated the Fa well, I could sleep well. In particular, as long as I went out to clarify the truth, when practicing the exercises, my body felt very light and my legs did not hurt much during meditation. If I slacked off, without clarifying the truth, my body felt very heavy, and my legs painful during meditation.

In fact, it’s not uncommon that while it was raining in my neighborhood, it was pleasant at the tourist site. A vendor who lives near me told me the same thing. Another practitioner said that on a typhoon day, it rained all the way from her home to the park, but it was fine in Geopark. This extraordinary phenomenon made me enlighten that when Dafa disciples are validating the Fa or clarifying the truth, the field is like “the Buddha-light illuminating everywhere and rectifying all abnormalities.” (Zhuan Falun)

Only Few Words Are Needed

In the past, the result of clarifying the truth and helping people quit the CCP and its affiliates at Yehliu wasn’t very good. After a practitioner made a booklet with colorful graphs, it was easier to attract Chinese tourists to the materials. From time to time, we just showed the booklet, talked to them briefly, and they agreed to quit the CCP. When we opened that booklet, many Chinese tourists often came over to listen to the facts about Dafa, and even some who were further away, but heard us talking, also came to listen.

While talking, I observed their reactions, because the more attentive they were, the more likely they were to quit the CCP. Usually after showing them three pages, including the June 4th incident, the Cultural Revolution, and CCP’s harvesting organs from living practitioners, they might agree to quit. An elderly tourist from Shanghai even shook hands with me, after he quit the CCP.

Prepare Well: Only a Few Words Are Needed

Chinese tourists usually visit the Park for only a short time, so it’s better to be well prepared. When well prepared, it takes only a few words to awaken them.

One Chinese tourist said, “Falun Dafa is outlawed in China.” I replied, “It’s because Falun Dafa advocates ‘Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance,’ while the CCP lies, and promotes evilness and violence.” He accepted our Dafa informational materials.

If they are afraid to accept the materials, I say, “It’s very precious for you to visit Taiwan. You don’t have to take it back to China. You can just read it on the bus, in your hotel room, or return it to me after reading the materials right here.” Many will then accept the materials.

The most frequently asked question is, “How much money are you paid per day?” I usually reply, “We are all volunteers. Falun Dafa helps you to keep fit, which is more valuable than money.” Some may ask, “Then, how can you support yourself?” I reply, “Most of us have jobs. Those who have to work come here on holidays, while retirees and housewives come here during weekdays.” This gives them a clear picture of the situation.

One tour guide from China said, “Falun Dafa commits self-immolation!” I showed him the photo in the booklet and said, “The Tiananmen self-immolation incident was staged by the CCP. Regardless, our Master said that committing suicide is a sin. As we are cultivating to keep fit, how would it be possible for us to commit suicide?” I then pointed to the photos in the booklet, and told him, “The alleged immolator Wang Jindong’s sitting posture is very strange. He was obviously not a practitioner.”

Upon seeing the photos, he was dumbfounded. He asked, “What are the Dafa exercises like? Can you demonstrate them for me!” I sat in full lotus position to demonstrate the fifth exercise set on the spot. Upon seeing my demonstration, they confirmed that Wang Jindong's posture was different, and that he was definitely not a Dafa practitioner.

Some Chinese tourists are afraid to talk to us at first, which makes it difficult to approach them. But when thinking of the fact that they might be kings or lords from high celestial realms, I try my best to talk to them. In fact, many Chinese people are dissatisfied with the CCP, so sometimes only a few words are needed to persuade them to quit the Party.

Ordinary Chinese People Do Not Know the Facts

One tour guide was asked by Chinese tourists if they could accept the Dafa materials. She replied, “Go ahead! Taiwan is a place of freedom.” Consequently, all the Chinese on the bus took the materials. Another tour guide, who is the operator of a travel agency, even told his passengers the facts about Falun Dafa.

He told us that his passengers are always Chinese officials and that most officials already know the facts, but most everyday Chinese people do not, because they have been brainwashed by the CCP propaganda. He believes that practitioners clarifying the truth to Chinese people at tourist sites will have an impact on China gradually, and his talking about Dafa to Chinese officials can also have the same effect. We believe that this tour guide’s great deed will create a bright future for him.

Another tour guide from China said that two years ago the Epoch Times reported that Zhou Yongkang was corrupt, and predicted that he would be sacked. But he thought that since Zhou Yongkang was such a high-ranking official, it would be impossible for him to be corrupt, not to mention be sacked. However, it turned out that not only was Zhou sacked, but he was also found to have accepted bribes of over 400 billion yuan ($65.67 billion). I could tell that he really admired the Epoch Times.

He also advised us, “It’s doesn’t matter that you promote Falun Dafa, but you should not talk endlessly once you get the chance. If you force them to listen, they will avoid practitioners.”

Chinese tourists have, in fact, complained about that at times. The best approach is for us to talk about what they have misunderstood. Otherwise, not only can we not save sentient beings, but we may also push them to the opposite side.

Major Tests at Tourist Sites

Conflicts among practitioners used to occur while clarifying the facts at Yehliu Geopark, including differing opinions on hanging banners, setting up display boards, handing out materials, ways of clarifying the truth, and so on. When we encountered interference, we clarified the truth to the management of the park to avoid worsening the situation. I sometimes have to deal with Chinese tourists who harass us. For example they accept materials, and then throw them in our face, swear at us, and so on. As the project coordinator, dealing with these problems is indeed a big test.

We used to hang the banner “Falun Dafa Is Good” between two trees. But the park management told us that we could not do that. We thus visited the manager and clarified the truth to him. When he was told that he CCP harvests organs from living practitioners, he was in tears. So, he does support our truth-clarification activities, but said that his superiors demanded that the banners not be on the trees.

He continued, “You Falun Dafa practitioners are so intelligent that you’ll definitely come up with other good ideas.” I put a vertical banner with the words “Falun Dafa Is Good” in an eye-catching location. In the past it was difficult to see the banners hanging on the trees, due to the location of the trees. As the vertical banner can be put up at any location, it is much more effective.

Cooperation among practitioners is important. If we can be selfless and cooperate with one another well, the effect will be very good. If we insist on our own ideas, ignore the conflicts, the results can be bad. For example, when an elderly practitioner was holding a display board, two Chinese tourists were reading the statement about quitting the CCP. I approached them to further clarify the truth, and both quit the Party.

When I came across conflicts in the past, I often failed to look inward. So, regardless of how much I had done in terms of Fa-study or truth-clarification, I couldn’t pass the test of insomnia. But after I gradually learned how to look inward and cultivate my xinxing at all times, I started to sleep soundly.

More People Need Us to Clarify the Truth to Them

After years of clarifying the truth at the tourist site, I found that the situation had changed dramatically. Though there are more and more people who know the facts, there are still many who don’t. Whenever I come across Chinese people whose minds are seriously poisoned by the CCP, and they refuse to listen, I feel very sad! I sincerely hope that they have other chances to hear the truth. We need more practitioners to come forward, so that more precious Chinese people may have the opportunity to be saved.

There’s an experience sharing article on the Minghui website, titled, “My Thanks to Taiwan Practitioners for Helping Change My Family's Attitude.” She shared that her mother-in-law used to have a misunderstanding about Dafa, but after returning from Taiwan, her attitude toward Dafa had changed. Her mother-in-law said that she could see people practicing Falun Dafa everywhere in Taiwan. She said, “I met a young Taiwanese lady there, and was impressed by the way she carried herself. She was confident and well-mannered. She practices Falun Dafa, too.”

At an experience sharing session, a fellow practitioner said, “We don’t dress up for ourselves, but for sentient beings.” My personal understanding is that though ordinary people may not understand Dafa’s principles, our appearance and manners can play a leading role in helping them have a positive attitude toward Dafa.

Thank you, Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!

(Presented at the 2015 Taiwan Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)