(Minghui.org) It was one day in March of 1996 that changed my life forever. I was out on the sidewalk for some fresh air. A friend from work who happened to be walking by stopped and said, “Is that you? You are still alive?” Then she shared with me that she had just come back from a Falun Gong practice site. She encouraged me to give it a try because many people experienced miraculous results from the practice.

I had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer a year earlier. The doctors told me that the cancer was at the hilum of the lung, so it was inoperable. Every two to three days, I had to go through a painful procedure to get the accumulated water out of my chest.

I had difficulty eating, breathing, and sleeping. I became extremely weak and I couldn’t take care of my own child. I could not go to work and had lost all hope.

Hearing about Falun Gong revived the hope in me. My friend lent me the book Falun Gong and I read it several times. I felt the spiritual principles explained in the book were like spring rain on my heart. My physical pain disappeared. Several days later, she had to take the book back. The pain began to return. I yearned to read the Falun Gong book again.

Later, she gave me the book Zhuan Falun. I read the book day and night. Gradually, all my pain went away. I no longer needed treatment for accumulated water in my chest. Falun Gong practitioners in the area came to teach me the exercises. I felt better and better.

I diligently participated in group Fa study and exercises, and I also volunteered to help others learn the practice. My health improved dramatically.

One afternoon in November, I was about to have something to eat. All of a sudden, I started coughing up blood, and then I threw up blood.

Explaining the process of eliminating karma and purifying the body, Master Li wrote,

“For us cultivators, other than the karma Master has eliminated, we still have to pay a portion ourselves. You will thus feel physically uncomfortable, as if you were suffering from sickness. Cultivation practice is to cleanse you from your life’s origin. The human body is like the annual rings of a tree, whereby each ring contains sickness-karma. So your body must be cleansed from the very center. Were karma to be pushed out all at once, however, you wouldn’t be able to take it, as it would endanger your life. Only a piece or two can be pushed out every once in a while, allowing you to overcome it and pay for your karma through suffering. But this is only that little bit left for you yourself to endure after I have eliminated karma for you.” (“Sickness Karma,” Essentials of Further Advancement)

It was indeed like how Master Li described. Every 10 days or so, I would experience intense physical symptoms. I would cough and throw up a lot of bloody water. Each time was so intense that several practitioners came over to take care of me.

After the cleansing, I would be perfectly fine, even better than before, and could do everything on my own. The process of body-purification continued for a year and a half. The frequency became less, from 10 days, to one month, to two months, and finally about six months. My body was purified and I completely recovered from the lung cancer, as well as all my health issues, big and small. People around me were amazed by the changes I experienced since learning Falun Gong. Master Li pulled me out of hell, purified me and gave me a second life!

Growing Younger

My story in Falun Gong began with my miraculous recovery, but the wonders of the practice did not end there.

At the end of 2012, a piece of one of my teeth came out, leaving a black hole in the middle. I had to pick food out of this tooth after each meal. One day, I saw something white inside the broken tooth. I thought it was a piece of rice. However, a toothpick couldn’t move it. I knocked on it using the toothpick and found it very hard. It turned out it was a new white tooth growing there and almost filled the hole.

I’m almost 70 years old. I should have lost a lot of my teeth by now. Instead, I grew a new one. I said, touching the new tooth, “I am growing younger.” I have experienced for myself and witnessed many miracles in others who practice Falun Gong.

Facing the universe, the earth and the people of the world, I would like to shout out with all my heart: Falun Gong is wonderful!