(Minghui.org) I have known Li Ning for decades. He was handsome, rich and honest so he had several female admirers. In the 1990s, we both began practicing Falun Dafa.

The night he began practicing, he had a strange dream. He was chased by an old lady. After running for a long time, the lady caught up with him and put a piece of paper into his hand. On the paper was written, “Give up lust”. He turned to ask what it meant but the woman had already disappeared.

He told me about the dream the next day and admitted that he had a few lovers outside of marriage. He understood that Master was reminding him to give up lust.

He was quite diligent in cultivation practice and sometimes his celestial eye was open. He could see the exercise site was glowing with red light and could see things in other dimensions.

As he advanced in cultivation practice, he gradually understood that extra-marital affairs are not allowed for Dafa practitioners so he decided to end his affairs with these women.

One day, he told me that he had solved the issue and felt relieved. I was happy for him and moved, too.

However, a few months later he told me that he quit cultivating because of one woman. He was gloomy and depressed.

He explained that the relationship with this woman was very tangled. She agreed to not meet again, but they continued their affair. Every time they parted, both of them felt they would not see each other again, and could not stop crying. In the end, he decided to quit cultivating for her. He understood Dafa practitioners have a higher moral standard so he could not be a practitioner and continue his immoral relationship with the woman.

I knew this woman. She was gentle and soft, and did not appear to be a promiscuous individual at all.

I later heard that the former practitioner had divorced his wife and moved to another city with this woman and married her.

I lost contact with him for 18 years until he visited me a few days ago. He appeared old and thin. In contrast, I had not aged much in 18 years.

He explained his relationship with this woman, like telling someone else's story.

The woman appeared in two previous lifetimes. In both lives, Li Ning gave up cultivation for her.

In the first life, they were close childhood friends. As an adult, he became a monk. Longing for him, she died of depression. As a result, he quit cultivating and never married.

In the next life, he was a monk again and came to her house to beg for alms. She immediately fell in love with him. He also fell in love with her and stayed with her. However, he soon realized that she was very willful and so he kept thinking of his master.

After a year, they had a daughter. Li Ning decided to leave her and go back to his master. His master seemed to know what would happen and told him to go back to the woman immediately.

But he didn't go home. Instead, he wandered around, feeling regretful for two days. When he finally walked into the house, the woman had eaten poison to end her own life.

Li Ning was very upset and wept. The woman spoke her last words in anger, “I will get even with you in the next life!”

In this lifetime, he divorced and quit Dafa cultivation for her. “I know emotion is poison. But how many people can let go of emotion? Who can avoid one's karmic debt?” He sighed.

He said his master in a previous life reminded him repeatedly that he should not pass up the opportunity to cultivate Dafa this time around. But he was too tangled by emotion and could not cultivate at all.

Hearing his story, I sighed too. Every life is a result of karma, or cause and effect. Emotion and lust are poison to cultivating practitioners. Emotion destroyed Li Ning's cultivation in 3 lifetimes. How much regret will he have on the day of Fa-rectification?