(Minghui.org) On October 13, 2015, local police and Domestic Security officers from Jiaohe City, Jilin Province, harassed and arrested over a dozen Falun Dafa practitioners who had filed criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin.

Ms. Luo Chunyan and Ms. Jiang Kaiying were arrested at their shop by officers from the Minzhu Police Station. They were illegally detained for ten days. During their incarceration, an officer told them, “Without an order from our superiors, we would not bother with these issues. But we actually received an order to send you to a brainwashing center.”

Plainclothes officers from the Mingzhu Police Station knocked on Ms. Ren Shufen’s door. Her daughter, assuming that her mother was waiting outside, opened the door. “I am a police inspector,” one of the officers said, “and here is my identification.” They then forced their way into the house and took photos and video of the apartment.

At another home, Mr. Cui Song and his wife refused to open the door when a plainclothes police officer was knocking outside. Mr. Cui's wife then went to the store they own, and three men came in and demanded that she follow them to the police station. The officers also took away her key. They returned to the couple's house, took away Mr. Cui, and confiscated many of their personal belongings. Mr. Cui was illegal detained for ten days.

Ms. Jiang Wenying, in her seventies, also had her home ransacked by officers from the Changan Police Station. The police confiscated many of her personal belongings and detained her. She was released on bail seven hours later.

Officers from the Minzhu Police Station tried to arrest Ms. Ren Hongxia at the hospital where she worked, but failed.

It is known that other practitioners, including Yu Hong, Lei Shifan, Huang Yingfen, Liu Shuqin, and Lu Guifang, were harassed by police and other personnel from the local 610 Office.

On August 29, dozens of Falun Dafa practitioners, including Liu Juntang, Lu Yunfeng, He Yushi, Fan Ying, Wang Aiguo, Wu Dexiu, Zhou Jinge, Su Ronghua, and her husband Wang Kemin, were arrested illegally and taken to the Jiaohe Detention Center. They were transferred to the Shulun Brainwashing Center ten days later.

Parties involved in persecuting these practitioners:He Zhuang (郝壮), director of the Jiaohe Police Department: +86-432-67010001 (Office)Liu Xianjun (刘宪军), commissar of the Jiaohe Police Department: +86-432-67010002 (Office)Liu Lifeng (刘利峰), inspector at the Minzhu Police Station: +86-432-67176997(Office)Sun Hongcheng (孙宏诚), assistant head of the Jiaohe 610 Office: +86-432-67250977