(Minghui.org) When Falun Gong practitioners use existing Chinese laws to protect themselves, they help those who persecute Falun Gong come to their senses.

Arrested in a Railway Station

After my identification card was checked in a railway station on December 29, 2014, I was arrested by the security personnel.

I was at a loss, and I passively accepted the officer's actions. However, they mistreated me more and more. I was searched, interrogated, and threatened.

A practitioner called me just after I was arrested, and I could feel my fellow practitioner's righteous thoughts. I also felt my dimensional field was purified little by little. However, I still did not have any idea how to oppose the persecution.

I knew that I had shortcomings. However, how could that be the reason for my being persecuted? A practitioner may have attachments, but as we cultivate, we should be able to cast off the bad things. Therefore, I believed that I should not acknowledge the idea that my attachments caused the persecution.

I was taken to an interrogation room at the railway police station one hour later. The police made phone calls and many officials showed up. They knew my situation and my history from my ID card.

I was told that I would be detained, and I was handcuffed to an iron chair, a torture instrument. Two officers video-recorded me. One of them read me my rights and began to write down our conversation. I did not answer any questions and also declined to sign any documents. They confiscated my house key from my bag and were planning to ransack my house.

I suddenly felt that my dimensional field got clearer and I realized that I should oppose the persecution. I knew that this was because my fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts for me as a group.

I began a hunger strike and shouted out “Falun Gong is good!” However, I began thinking about how I could use a more rational and peaceful way to resist the persecution.

Using the Legal System

I was involved in an effort to rescue fellow practitioners a few years ago and had contacted some lawyers in the process. I had also begun to study some basic laws. I brought a book on criminal law with me and planned to read it on the train.

I told a young officer to hand me my criminal law book, which was in my bag and he refused.

“This is my right,” I said. “Why do you refuse? The book is in my bag and that is my personal belonging. Why can’t I read it?”

The officer was surprised to hear me speak this way, and it seemed like he did not know what to do. I requested that he ask his supervisor to come, and he also refused to let me have the book.

“This is my right and it was also included in the rights that you just read to me,” I said. I told him that he violated my rights and that I would sue him. He was shocked and asked his boss, who just smiled and got me the book from my bag for me.

The supervisor wanted to know why I wanted to read the book and why I would sue him.

“I have the right to have my lawyer and my family members notified, as it is stipulated under the law. Now, I would like to have a lawyer and notice given to my family,” I said.

The supervisor said they could find a lawyer for me, but I told him that I would find my own lawyer. Then, I told him to make the necessary phone calls for me. He did not say no, but that he would need to check whether this lawyer practiced Falun Gong or not. There was some more back and forth, and then I closed my eyes to send righteous thoughts.

The young officer who arrested me told me that he had to arrest me because my ID indicated that I was on the police's blacklist. He left when his work shift was over.

I kept sending righteous thoughts. The head of the Domestic Security Division told me to go home, but my computer, three cell phones, and the USB would need to be kept until 3:00 p.m. He said that I could retrieve those items from their office later.

The supervisor tried to put a bag of instant noodles into my bag before I left. I thanked him, but rejected the offer. I was home at midnight. My fellow practitioners were still sending righteous thoughts for me.