(Minghui.org) Practitioners' sharings on the Minghui website often mention that when people thank them for clarifying the facts, the practitioner replies, “You should thank my Master.” So after I talked to people about Dafa and the persecution and persuaded them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliates, I'd also say the same thing. I knew that people should be grateful to us, and that they should thank Master even more, but I had never thought about it deeply. I was simply imitating other practitioners and had taken saying these words as a formality. After reading lots of Minghui articles, I sometimes even felt that practitioners say this phrase too much.

However, I read a sharing article one day and suddenly realized that in this final period of Last Havoc when Dafa is saving people widely, every word that Dafa disciples speak may not be as simple as it appears on the surface. Instead, our words have deep inner meanings.

Think about it. Without Master's compassionate salvation and protection, how could Dafa disciples make it through and be able to save people? Without the supernatural power and the strengthening bestowed by Master, how would we have the ability to save sentient beings in this chaotic world that has been so deceived by vicious lies? Without Master bearing sins for all beings, how would people still be alive and be able to listen to the truth? Without Master's caring for every being, and painstakingly creating opportunities again and again depending on predestined circumstances, how could those beings be saved?

Disciples have suffered many hardships and tribulations and sometimes become disheartened. Without Master's merciful advice again and again about the preciousness of today's people, how could so many disciples clarify the facts despite all the hazards and difficulties they are facing?

Without Master's vast and boundless grand mercy, a lot of people, including sentient beings from all walks of life and even some Dafa disciples would have had no opportunities to move to the future. All beings, including the people in this world, should be grateful to Master.