(Minghui.org) Having read the article, “Understandings on the Minghui Editorial, 'Another Reminder'”, I would like to share more about some problems in our local area.

Some local practitioners participated in a high interest investment with a company in Shijiazhuang City. The interest is very high, and the contact person is a practitioner. Many practitioners participated in the investment because of him. Promoting the investment among practitioners goes against Master's teaching, as I understand it. However, some practitioners not only participated in the investment, but also promoted it among other practitioners. Master's Fa already made it very clear. Minghui also published an editorial, “Another Reminder” to remind us about this topic. However, some practitioners still did not pay attention to this. On the contrary, they made the same mistakes again and again.

In recent years, quite a few similar situations have arisen. Some practitioners suffered serious financial loss and had difficulties in validating the Fa and in their daily living.

A couple who were both practitioners raised funds among practitioners in the name of “mining exploration” with a promise of high interest. Many practitioners invested their savings. The mine eventually closed down, and the couple could not pay the debts. They had lots of tribulations in their cultivation.

Another practitioner raised funds among practitioners with a promise of paying it back with high interest. Eventually, the bank account was suspended, and the investments from practitioners could not be paid back.

Another practitioner sells incense to practitioners, and many practitioners buy it. This behavior was discussed on Minghui.org. However, this practitioner did not stop doing so and continues to sell incense today.

Some practitioners invested in other companies in society.

As a practitioner, it is essential to eliminate the attachment to money. Master said,

“Those who are attached to money seek wealth and feign their cultivation. Undermining the practice and the Fa, they waste their lifetimes instead of cultivating Buddhahood.” (“Cultivators' Avoidances” in Essentials for Further Advancement)

Even ordinary people understand “no pain, no gain” and that some “high interest investments” are hoaxes. However, some practitioners are attached to it so much. Some practitioners made investments because they had financial difficulties in the persecution. However, they did not deny the persecution and look inward. They did not clarify the truth to the people who persecuted them and openly request the return of their salaries that were suspended. Instead, they always wanted to make more money through some shortcuts and eventually suffered even more loss.

Such practitioners had strong attachments to qing (sentimentality). They participated in the investment when they saw it was organized by practitioners. After the Minghui editorial was published, they did not stop and look inward. Instead, they continued the investment and found excuses for themselves.

I am not blaming these practitioners. I'd just want to remind them that cultivation practice is very serious.

The Minghui editorial said,

“Here we would like to remind all practitioners again. Whether you have contacted others, have been contacted, or heard about this, please pay attention to your own cultivation, through solid Fa-study and following Fa principles. We should put an end to initiating, participating, or getting involved, either voluntarily or unwittingly, in fund raising among practitioners.

“Only by solidly cultivating ourselves could we do well the projects we are responsible for. When acting upon human notions and violating Fa principles, the results will be against our will. In addition, it will create interference for other practitioners and leave loopholes for some ill-minded people to cause further damage.” (“Another Reminder”)

Because some practitioners involved in investment activities were prestigious in our local areas, and they previously did a lot of things to validate the Fa, many local practitioners were attached to qing and did not want to deeply share on this topic and point it out to the practitioners who were involved. Some even looked for excuses for them. As practitioners, we should measure everything with Dafa principles and requirements. We should only do what Master teaches us. The loss should be quickly remedied by the practitioners themselves.

I hope all local practitioners carefully read the Minghui editorial “Another Reminder” and the sharing article “Understandings on the Minghui Editorial, 'Another Reminder'”. I hope they walk well on their road of cultivation practice.


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