(Minghui.org) Conflicts exist as a part of ordinary life, and as a part of cultivation. They very often arise from differing opinions about how to handle issues, different levels of understanding among the involved parties, feelings of unfairness, or for other predestined reasons.

Conflicts Among Practitioners

Conflicts among everyday people are inevitable and will not be commented on in this article. However, I believe it is important that prolonged conflicts among practitioners be resolved.

Conflicts between everyday people and practitioners seem relatively easy to harmonize. When contradictions arise between practitioners and everyday people, practitioners usually know that the reason they occur is so they can improve their xinxing. Practitioners typically understand they shouldn’t lower themselves to an ordinary level.

However, conflicts that occur between practitioners can be more difficult to resolve because each practitioner often considers the other practitioner an equal and may not remember that the conflict is an opportunity to improve. They may become trapped in thinking about who is right and who is wrong.

Practitioners Should Improve Themselves During Conflicts

All conflicts encountered by cultivators are for improvement. Who is right and who is wrong is not important. What is most important is whether the practitioners elevate while going through the conflict. If the practitioners do not improve, they are not living up to Master's expectations and arrangements.

Conflicts occur among practitioners due to their attachments. If they sincerely look within, they will be able to find the associated attachments. If all relative attachments are discarded, the conflict will not last long, nor occur again.

Practitioners have experienced a lot through years of cultivation, achieved certain levels of understanding of the Fa principles, and accumulated many experiences. Thus, some might consider themselves better and at higher levels than other practitioners. Such practitioners may not to accept the views of other practitioners. If this attachment of superiority is present, they will lose ground in cultivation. The reason an ocean is magnificent, with its vast body of water, is because it is positioned low. Thus, it can then accept water from hundreds of rivers. If an ocean were to position itself high, it would lose all its water.

Practitioners Should Cherish One Another to Better Complete Their Mission

Dafa practitioners have gone through many difficulties over the years. Everyone should cherish one another, regardless of any shortcomings or how well or not-so-well another practitioner has cultivated. Prolonged conflicts cause separations among practitioners and interfere with their mission to assist Master in the Fa-rectification. Assisting Master in the Fa-rectification was our vow when we came to this world. If we consider assisting Master in the Fa-rectification as the most important thing in our lives, then any conflict among practitioners becomes trivial.

Every practitioner is a particle of Dafa, and all particles solidly joined together are an immense treasure. Have we really considered all Dafa practitioners as Master's loved ones?

We should all cherish one another through the final moment of the Fa-rectification, let go of selfness, eliminate conflicts and separations among ourselves, and work together to complete our mission of assisting Master in the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.