(Minghui.org) I am a 49-year-old department-level officer in a large state-owned company. A colleague who practices Falun Dafa clarified the truth to me about this cultivation practice 10 years ago, and gave me the book Zhuan Falun.

He had just been released from a forced labor camp, and his wife was still detained. I was curious to find out what Dafa was all about. Why did so many people practice it, even though it might cost them their life? After I read the book, I felt that Falun Dafa and its principles were very good. It was not only just doing the exercises to keep fit, but it also taught people to be good, and improves the moral character of society as a whole. It was really good.

The deeper meanings of this book escaped me. Several practitioners had been persecuted at my workplace; and some had been beaten to death, sentenced, and detained. Because of my fear, I returned the book to my colleague. However no matter what, if anyone mentioned Falun Dafa, I would tell them that Falun Dafa is good, that the “Tiananmen self-immolation” was staged, and that Falun Dafa is righteous.

Before I practiced Dafa, I went to temples and brought home Buddhist books to read. I knelt down and recited the words of Buddha Amitabha, and was seeking rebirth in the pure land. I often participated in temple activities, and spent hundreds of yuan for the abbot's birthday. I must have spent 10,000 yuan at monasteries over the years, pleading the Buddha to bless my family to be safe and healthy, and have a long life. I lived frugally, and never begged for money or other material things.

Despite all my efforts, I developed more and more chronic illnesses. I often took medication, had acupuncture done, went for a massage, and physiotherapy. It was such a miserable life.

“CCP utterly devoid of Conscience”

My colleague came to my office to see me in August 2014, and again told me, “You are very kind and have a predestined relationship to Buddha. I advise you again to practice Falun Dafa and wake up! If not, you will be unable to return home. Time is very tight now!” I felt very scared, and really felt that I could not waste any more time. I read Zhuan Falun again. My heart was deeply shocked, excited, and truly resonated with Falun Dafa.

This time, I had a rational and elevated understanding of this book. I learned about my real goal in life and the meaning of my existence. But why would the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) severely persecute such a good practice? I still had some doubts. To have a deeper understanding, I had a long talk with my colleague’s wife. She had been imprisoned for eight years, and endured all types of torture.

I really did not expect a government to treat such good people who had no political aspirations with such nasty means. The CCP was really too evil, and utterly devoid of conscience! I really understood the wicked Communist Party is a force against the universe, which undermined the ethnic culture of our country. The Party is the real evil cult.

Ready to Step on the Cultivation Path

After our talk, I knew that time was very tight, and it was reaching the end of the Fa- rectification period. I immediately knelt down in front of Master's portrait at the home of my fellow practitioners and said that I wanted to practice Falun Dafa.

I started to practice Dafa at the end of August 2014. I could not sit in the double-lotus position, and I kept trying, but it was very painful. It took six months, before I was able to meditate for an hour. I now get up at 3:20 a.m. to do the exercises, and go to sleep after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight.

I have read all the Dafa books twice, and some three or four times. I've read Zhuan Falun over 15 times, and I can recite the new Lunyu. On my way to work, I usually listen to tapes of experience sharing of practitioners, and cherish every minute. Most of my co-workers, relatives, old classmates and neighbors know that I practice Dafa. No matter where I am, I will be a good person, and validate Dafa. I want everyone to know about the preciousness of Dafa.

Letting Go of Fear

Three months after I obtained the Fa, I talked to people about Dafa. I was timid and afraid at first. Our compassionate Master helped me let go of my fear. Now, I dare to speak calmly and with a smile to anyone, anywhere. I have helped over 1,000 people quit the CCP.

Whenever I meet someone, be it for business, or anything else, I will tell them about Dafa and the persecution. A policeman from our region came to see me about some personal business. I talked to him about Dafa, and he said he had already quit the CCP. He warned me not to speak so openly, and be careful, because some people are not on our side.

On several occasions, I clarified the truth to over a dozen people, and helped all of them quit the CCP. I realize that Master has paved the path well for us. Everything is arranged by Master, and we just need to talk to people about the persecution and Falun Dafa. Of course, I also met with ridicule, insults, and mocking, but I was not discouraged.

I looked inward and found my attachments, then Master helped me resolve them. I still have a lot of attachments, including impatience, blaming others, showing off, being opinionated, and love for family. I will hold myself to a higher and higher standard, and remove these attachments as soon as possible.

After I obtained Dafa in August 2014, I felt so excited and lucky. I cannot express my gratitude in words, but I thank our compassionate Master. Thank you, Master, for not abandoning me.