(Minghui.org) I am 68 years old and have practiced Falun Dafa for 18 years. Because I only went to school for two years, I asked a fellow practitioner to help me write this cultivation experience sharing article.

Recovery from Illnesses

My sister-in-law introduced Falun Dafa to me in 1996, and I did not hesitate to start cultivating. I realized that Dafa was a high level Buddha cultivation way and vowed to be diligent and practice Dafa well.

It took only a few days of studying the Fa and doing the exercises for my ailments to disappear. I had suffered from many health problems, including asthma and migraines. Although I searched for cures everywhere, no one was able to help me. Now I am in excellent health and full of energy, thanks to Dafa.

My second daughter-in-law was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease. Her health worsened in 1998 and she became bedridden. Then she passed out four times and was in critical condition. I told her that only Falun Dafa could help and suggested that she practice it.

She agreed and recovered in a month. After my second son, his wife, and their daughter witnessed the benefits of practicing Dafa, they decided to cultivate, too.

Harassed and Home Ransacked

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began its persecution of Dafa on July 20, 1999. The police ransacked our home and confiscated Dafa books and a picture of Master on July 23, 1999. My husband and I were able to get some of the books back, albeit not all.

After Master and Dafa were slandered and maligned, I looked for a way to expose the CCP's lies and let people know that Dafa was good and Master innocent. At that time, we had no Dafa informational materials, so I wrote about Dafa on pieces of paper during the day and delivered them to homes at night.

One day as I was writing, the police came to our door and ordered me to open it. I wrapped the pages in some clothing on the sewing machine and placed it in a wardrobe. Although I did not have time to close the wardrobe, when the police broke in, they could not find anything when they ransacked our home. They demanded that I report to the police station the next day.

Because I did not go to the police station, officers showed up two days later. I was reading the Dafa book at the time and held it tightly in front of my chest. They just could not take it away from me. My husband shouted, “Stop grabbing the book. The book is her life. Even if you shoot her, she wouldn't give you the book.” Astonished, the officers left.

Detained and Tortured

When I was doing the exercises on the evening of December 30, 2000, the police arrived in a van to take me to the station. My husband said, “Why do you make trouble during the new year holidays? Last year you didn't let us have a family reunion. This year you are doing it again. She practices Falun Dafa to stay healthy and to be a good person. Why don't you let us live in peace?”

They arrested me and took me to the police station. They told me that someone had reported that I had Dafa informational materials at home. I remained silent and refused to cooperate. They called in some bad people who forced me to stand and bend over. They pushed my hands backwards and held me down, so that I could not move. They called this “sitting in a plane.” Then they brought in an electric baton. I yelled, “How dare you!” My shouting overwhelmed them, and they didn't dare shock me.

After I was tortured for the entire day, they handcuffed me. They assigned someone to monitor me and I was deprived of sleep and use of the restroom.

Since they did not let me sleep, I recited the Fa, which reinforced my righteous thoughts. They did not let me use the restroom, so when the police chief arrived at work the next day, I shouted, “I need to use the restroom!” He removed the handcuffs and noticed bruises on my wrists. He pinched and rubbed my hands to try to hurt me more. It did not hurt, because Master bore the pain for me.

Fellow practitioners were also tortured. I saw one who was barely able to walk. After several days of torture, the police couldn't get any information out of us, so they took me and 20 other practitioners to a brainwashing session. We did not cooperate. Instead, we acted as one body and disintegrated the evil elements behind the brainwashing session. This was the last of such sessions.

When I was released, I said, “I am not leaving until you tell why I was detained here for over 10 months.” They looked at me, hit the table, and shouted, “Leave! We won't detain you next time.” They then pushed me out the door.

“We Finally Found You”

The police often harassed my family after I was released. They arranged for my neighbor to monitor me. I felt sad and did not know what to do. In a dream, Master reminded me to hurry up and save people.

I went out every night, distributed Dafa information, and told people “Falun Dafa is good.” Another practitioner and I have clarified the facts about Dafa to people and encouraged them to quit the CCP and its affiliates for the past seven years. Every day from 10 to 40 people quit the CCP. I have helped more than 30,000 people to quit the CCP over the past years.

Once when we were out distributing Dafa literature, a couple approached us. The woman said, “We finally found you! I have looked for you, but couldn't find you. Plead help my husband quit the CCP! Please give me a few more amulets for my grandchildren. I recite 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good' every day.”

Fellow Practitioner's Husband Finally Listens

The husband of one practitioner was a school principal. Several practitioners had talked to him about Dafa and the persecution, but he did not listen and refused to quit the CCP. She asked me if I could talk to him. I told her that her thoughts were not righteous. “Use a righteous thought, and he will quit.” While I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I walked to his home.

I greeted him and told him that I had come to see him. We chatted for a while, and then I said, “I am here to help you quit the CCP, so you can have a peaceful and safe life.” I explained to him everything he needed to know about the Party, and he asked me to help him quit. Then he started to practice Dafa with his wife and to tell people about Dafa and quitting the CCP.

I thank Master and Dafa for completely changing me from a person filled with karma into a good person.