(Minghui.org) Continued from part 1.

2. Trip With Master to Jinzhou City

Dispersing Rain Clouds

It began to drizzle as we reached the road to Jinzhou. I told Master that it was raining and Master asked, “Isn’t it good to rain in the Spring?” I told him that rain is good, but it is difficult to drive in the rain. Master smiled and said, “April is the rainy season, so let’s keep the rain behind us then.”

After our little discussion, I noticed that the clouds were even heavier and it seemed that the sky and earth were covered by a dark and thick blanket. At that moment, Master began to turn his hands, and I knew that he was turning the Law Wheel.

Soon the black blanket was torn apart, and large patches of dark clouds began to disperse. Then in the blink of an eye, the rain stopped. I could see the blue sky in front of us, even though the clouds behind us were still dark and gloomy. It was amazing.

The driver, who could see things in other dimensions, asked Master who were those deities that occasionally appeared on the road sides. Master told us that those were lords from different regions. There were many of them because they were the lowest level divine beings. A big mountain normally has a big lord while a small mountain has a smaller lord, and each is in charge of its area. They appeared that day to greet Master. Master then said that two dragons had been escorting us all the way from Dalian City.

We stopped at a small diner for breakfast. It began to rain again, but Master stood by the side of the window and spun the Law Wheel again. The rain stopped in less than ten seconds.

Master Knows the Directions

When the driver left to ask for directions to our destination, I saw Master drawing a map in the air, and then he said, “Go straight ahead, turn right, then it should be a few hundred feet down that road.”

The driver came back and told us that we needed to simply go straight ahead. Hearing that, I began to doubt if Master was right. When we arrived at a crossroad, Master told the driver to turn right. A few hundred feet later, we found the Jinzhou Qigong Association building at the end of the road.

Getting in Touch Through Extraordinary Means

I asked Master if I should call the practitioner who was already there before us to tell her of our arrival, but Master just ignored me. Then I saw the practitioner running toward our car. She told Master, “I saw you leaving Dalian, but stopped at around 10 a.m.” I told her that we stopped for breakfast at 10 a.m.

“Right. Then, I saw you were close, so I told the other practitioners that Master is here. You were just pulling in when I came out,” she said.

I finally understood that Master had been in touch with this fellow practitioner via some extraordinary means. Amazed, I said, “No wonder Master ignored me. You’ve been in touch with Master all along.”

Dragons and Divine Beings

Master came to Jinzhou to give the nine-day lecture series. When there was no class, we went to Bijia Mountain, a famous tourist destination in Jinzhou City. Master and a veteran practitioner looked at the well near the main entrance for a long time. I joined them, but saw nothing. Master told the veteran practitioner to teach me how to see what is inside the well. Master told us, “The road leading to the well is a sleeping dragon. The well is his eye.”

After saying that, Master walked ahead of us. The veteran practitioner then told me, “Look, the baby dragon is wearing pink, and she is pulling on Master’s clothes and playing with Master now.”

She then told me to look around to see that many divine beings were standing by the ocean edge showing their respect to Master, but a big green Law Wheel blocked them from getting too close to Master.

I felt bad that my third eye was closed. I could only see that the ocean was very calm and clear. I felt that I was not a good student since I could not see anything.

Taking a Ferry Because the Road Was Destroyed

I thanked the veteran practitioner for teaching me and apologized for being unable to see anything. After I said that, I suddenly saw that the Bijia Mountain was illuminated and it was surrounded by a bright ring.

Master told me, “This road was originally made for people to cross the ocean. But now people can only cross the ocean by boat. Humans have destroyed the road.”

We had to take the ferry to get to the foot of the mountain. As we boarded the ferry, the calm ocean suddenly became uneven and big waves rocked the ferry.

The driver said, “Master, you stand in the middle and I’ll stand by the side because I can swim.” However, Master kept waving towards the water. The veteran practitioner told me that lots of them are out, which did not make much sense to me.

Confused, I looked at Master who said, “She means to say that many living beings have appeared to see me. They are waving their hands and dancing, which is why the waves are so big.”

The driver then told me that the ferry was not traveling on water. He saw that the water suddenly split in the middle. Big waves, as tall as walls, pushed sideways, and our boat was actually moving on the top of a road.

No Place Clean in Modern Society

When we arrived on the mountain peak, we went inside the temple. I saw many Buddha statues. The veteran practitioner told Master, “Just like pushing a wall, they were all pushed outside.”

I had no clue what she was talking about, and looked lost. To clarify, Master said, “Are you confused? She is saying that my Law Body has cleaned up this place. Wherever I go, my Law Body will clean up that place. In modern society, no place is clean.”

Dragon King Statue's Striking Resemblance

We saw a statue of the Dragon King.

“This statue looks like the real Dragon King. The artist must have had an extraordinary experience. A statue like this is rare in modern society,” said Master.

“Alas, humans always use human thoughts to understand Gods. So they put a red cloak on the Dragon King and believe it looks better. As a matter of fact, the Dragon King has its own outfit. Human clothes are dark because they are filled with various human attachments, which look dirty and ugly in gods eyes.”

When Master gave his lecture the next day, a drunkard suddenly pushed his way inside the conference room and yelled out.

Master explained to me what had happened later that night, “A monk attempted to interfere with my teaching. He must be out of his mind.” The veteran practitioner added, “Master waved his hand, and a clap of thunder drove him away.”

Two days before we returned to Dalian, I felt sad knowing that I would leave Master soon. Master told me to study the Fa well and cultivate diligently to reach consummation.

(To be continued)