(Minghui.org) Greetings revered Master!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

I began to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. By helping others, I gradually became the volunteer coordinator of practitioners in our city. Over the course of the sixteen-year persecution, I have coordinated various projects to help people understand what Falun Gong is all about, and the brutality of the persecution. I have gone through lots of tests, encountered my share of sorrow, and enjoyed some level of success.

I would like to share some of what I have experienced.

Conflicts Resolved When I Looked Within

There are a lot of practitioners in our city. Being the coordinator, I strive to strengthen the unity and integrity of our group. But due to my human flaws, I sometimes had conflicts with fellow practitioners.

I often needed a new practitioner’s support on technical issues, but one day he suddenly refused to collaborate with me after we ran into some conflicts. But I still had to rely on him since he was the only practitioner in our area who could give this type of technical support.

I plucked up my courage to visit him again, only to be met with a very hostile remark, “I’ve told you that I don’t want to work with you anymore. Why did you come here again?”

I was dumbfounded – no fellow practitioner had ever talked to me like that!

Although I knew to search inside, my mind was clouded with grudges – why did I go to him? I repeatedly told myself to search inside, and recited Master’s poem,

“As a cultivatorOne always looks for one's own faults'‘Tis the Way to get rid of attachments most effectivelyThere's no way to skip ordeals, big or small[During a conflict, if you can remember:]'He's right,And I'm wrong,'What's to dispute?("Who's Right, Who's Wrong" in Hong Yin III)

After repeating Master’s poem a few times, I realized that I feared losing face and only enjoyed listening to compliments. I then dug deeper down and found out that I failed to think from the perspective of this fellow practitioner to see how much he could handle. In light of that, I began to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate my human attachments, and also to cleanse the fellow practitioner’s environment to help him get rid of fear.

After I changed my mentality, the fellow practitioner also changed. He came to talk to me, and we began to collaborate with each other again.

Fellow practitioners are in different cultivation statuses, and we all have human attachments to various degrees, which is why we have conflicts. We have one practitioner who liked to argue with others and tended to shout in excitement when other practitioners were hanging banners and distributing pamphlets.

Nobody wanted to work with her on outdoor truth-clarification projects out of security concerns. I shared those concerns, and suggested that she try some other projects. To my surprise, she became very upset and yelled at me in front of everyone.

Although I remained calm and did not say anything back to her, grudges against her arose in my heart after she left. After all that I had done for her, she should not have treated me like this. But very soon, I realized that I had regarded this fellow practitioner as a good friend of mine all along, yet I had failed to remember to be responsible for her cultivation status and our projects. From then on, I began to assign her tasks commensurate with her strengths.

Another city's volunteer coordinator came to share experiences with us. Before we met, I was told that he was planning to have a younger practitioner replace me. I was irritated and my mind was in turmoil, “I have done so much for our group. Who is he to come to our city and appoint the coordinator for us?”

I felt that the other coordinator was not being responsible, and I worried that the young practitioner he had in mind would not be up to the challenge.

When I shared my concerns with a fellow practitioner, he told me bluntly, “You should not be upset, regardless of who is assigned to be our volunteer coordinator. Go and read Master’s teachings to see what Master tells you about this matter.”

This fellow practitioner helped me realize that I actually longed for the position, and that thought was actually bad. I then sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate that thought, and then I studied Master’s teachings.

Master says,

“Dafa belongs to the entire universe, and not to any one, insignificant individual. Whoever does the work is spreading Dafa. It is not important whether it should be done by you or by others. Are you going to bring to a paradise this attachment that you cannot let go of, and contend with Buddhas?” (Essentials for Further Advancement, “Further Elimination of Attachments”)

After reading this part of Master’s teaching, I eliminated my strong attachments of jealousy and competing with fellow practitioners.

I have done many things for our area, but I would not have done anything well without the support of fellow practitioners, who help me to enhance my xinxing.

Being the coordinator, my mind was often preoccupied with the tasks at hand, but sometimes I could not focus completely when I read Master’s teachings. I had focused too much on how to do things well, but seemed to have forgotten that I must study Master’s teachings and do the exercises with a tranquil mind.

Joy in collaborating well with fellow practitioners

1. Sending righteous thoughts in close proximity

A few years ago, our local practitioners often went to the provincial capital to send righteous thoughts up close to the evil forces. However, we stopped after an accident. Last year, our group reached a consensus that we would resume doing this again.

About twenty practitioners join us each time. Master revealed many miracles for us the first time we went. Five practitioners in the same car all saw the Law Wheel and rainbows. Some fellow practitioners saw that the prison where many practitioners were incarcerated changed to a mild red color. On our way back, some practitioners saw that our vehicles were moving on a red carpet.

1. Distributing materials in the countryside

In recent years, we began to distribute materials and hang banners in remote areas. I was responsible for arranging transportation and printing materials. About fifteen practitioners went together each time, and we distributed close to one thousand pamphlets and banners.

We carefully prepared for every trip and printed various kinds of materials. We sent forth righteous thoughts while printing the materials. Before setting out, we usually asked Master to strengthen our powers for us. Each pair distributed a few dozen pamphlets each time. After distributing all of the pamphlets, we quickly returned to our vehicles and moved on to the next village.

1. Refining Our Screen Printing Technology

We use the screen printing technology to make self-adhesive stickers bearing truth-clarification messages. After noticing that roadside marker blocks and safety clothing reflect light, we had the idea that our stickers could do the same trick at night. We consulted different people and learned that we could dust phosphors onto the adhesive stickers to achieve the same effect.

It took us more than 30 tries to get everything right. Now all of our stickers are reflective. We also wrote down our experience of fine-tuning our screen printing techniques to publish on the Minghui website.


Our fellow practitioners have been working closely with one another to help people learn about Falun Dafa. Our experience is to study Master’s teachings, search inside ourselves, and do our best to assist Master rectifying the Fa and saving sentient beings.

Thank you Master!Thank you fellow practitioners!

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