(Minghui.org) I am 79 years old, and of Korean descent. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend many of Master Li's lectures in China.

I began practicing Falun Dafa back in 1993, when I was almost 60 years old. When my husband passed away that same year, I decided to start exercising to improve my health. I did not want to be a financial burden to my son.

One day I took a stroll to Children's Park. It was a little after 5:00 a.m., so I was surprised to see a group of people standing there with their arms outstretched and eyes closed. A few yards away, I saw a banner with a round symbol hanging from a tree.

I thought, “This practice looks like it would suit me just fine.” So I followed along with the group and raised my arms. I suddenly noticed that the round symbol on the banner had started to revolve! A practitioner later confirmed that the symbol was a Falun, and that the practice was called Falun Gong.

I later bought the book, China Falun Gong, and realized that Falun Gong was a very, very good practice. When I heard that Master Li was going to hold a series of lectures at Songliao Auditorium, I decided to attend. Upon arriving, I saw several people peeking in through the front entrance of the lecture hall. Being curious, I too peeked in.

I became so absorbed in what I was doing that I failed to notice that everyone around me had left. When Master's lecture had concluded, someone opened the door and let me in.

I saw many people waiting in line for Master Li to sign their notebooks. I took out a small pad from my pocket and patiently waited my turn. He was very kind and accommodating to everyone.

When I learned that Master would be lecturing next in Anhui City, I, along with ten others, traveled there by train. Master held lectures there from November 21 to December 1, 1993.

Master Li cleansed the bodies of everyone in attendance. I saw a severely hunched-back man walk on stage and stand before Master Li. After Master moved his hand over the man's back area, the man walked down the steps in an upright position. Everyone present witnessed this miracle and gave a warm round of applause.

Master Li once asked all the attendees to put their hands in front of their bodies with their palms facing upward. He then let everyone experience the spinning of Falun. Some new students saw Falun spinning on their palms, while some felt their hands getting warm or cold. I learned later that all those who felt their hands getting cold had illnesses.

One attendee said that he was experiencing spirit possession. Master made a grabbing gesture and removed it for him. The person was happy, and sincerely appreciated Master's kindness.

Master Li also asked everyone present to focus on one part of their bodies that had illness, and then had everyone stomp their feet in unison. Instantly, everyone's illnesses disappeared. Master used various ways to cleanse our bodies. I felt Master Li's boundless compassion.

I attended Master Li's lectures in Jinzhou City in April 1994. When I found out that there was another lecture series scheduled for April 29 in Changchun, I, along with a group of practitioners, went there to help organize the event.

We all gathered at the Changchun train station and held signboards, directing attendees from out of town to come over and talk with us. We did our best to provide everyone with transportation to and from the lecture hall, as well as room and board.

It was a particularly windy day, and dust and debris was flying everywhere. To our surprise, Master Li called out to us, “You are working hard! Have you had a meal yet? Are you facing any difficulties? The weather is not good, so please be careful!” We were all touched by his warm greeting.

More than 3,000 people attended the lecture, held at Jilin University's Mingfanggong Auditorium. I witnessed many miraculous things, most of which have already been written about by others.

Master Li gave a lecture in Jinan City in late June. The following are several experiences that I vividly recall.

Several thousand people filled the Huangting Gymnasium. It was very hot and muggy inside, so many people used little hand fans to cool themselves off.

Master Li stopped lecturing and said, “Everyone, please stop fanning yourselves. As soon as you do, you will feel a cold breeze.” Everyone immediately put away their fans. “Have you felt the cold breeze yet?” Master asked. “Yes!” everyone answered in unison. We were very excited, and gave Master a round of applause.

At the end of the last lecture, Master told us, “All those who are planning to attend my Dalian lecture, please travel by bus or train, not by plane. Remember to cancel your plane tickets.” Later, Master Li stood at the exit door and told a driver to take everyone going to Dalian to the local train station.

Seven of us had previously booked plane tickets to Dalian. When we heard about Master Li's warning, we canceled our flights and traveled to Dalian by bus. We later learned that the flight met with very heavy rain.

I witnessed many miracles during Master's second lecture in Dalian, on July 1, 1994.

The coordinator of the Dalian exercise site told me that two French people had gone to Dalian to ask Master Li to heal their bedridden child in France. Due to a strange disease, the child could neither move or talk. After the father and son described the child's symptoms, Master Li drew a human figure in the air and announced, “The child is fine now.”

There were no phone booths nearby, so the father and son returned to their hotel that afternoon and immediately called home. The child's mother answered the phone and excitedly said, “This morning, I saw a flash of golden light shining on our son. Several seconds later, he opened his eyes and started to walk around the room!” The father and son were elated and very appreciative of Master's kindness.

I next attended Master Li's lecture in Harbin City on August 5-12. Many people in Yanbian City also started practicing Falun Gong. Some practitioners asked Master if he would go there to give a lecture. Master agreed to hold a lecture series in Yanbian on August 20-27, 1994. I went there to help organize the event.

Over half of the population of Yanbian were of Korean descent. The practitioners there dressed up in colorful Korean ethnic costumes, and solemnly welcomed Master. They later took group photos with Master.

During a brief ceremony, Master Li donated 7,000 yuan (US $157) to the Yanji Red Cross. The funds came from the lecture admission fees. Master Li later took a taxi to the Yanji train station. When others offered to pay for the cab, Master said, “I will pay the cab fee myself.”

After Falun Gong's main book, Zhuan Falun was published in 1995, Master Li went abroad to lecture.

Master returned to Changchun on July 26, 1998, and gave a lecture at the Shangri-La Hotel, solely for assistants. When I arrived at the conference hall, I sat in an aisle seat. Master entered the hall via a door that was near my seat. Everyone stood up and applauded.

As Master passed by my seat, I greeted him. He smiled and shook my hand. I was very happy and excited. It was Master Li's last lecture in China before the persecution began in 1999.

The next day, Master Li had lunch with over a dozen practitioners. I was seated to the right of Master. He smiled and said, “Don't you eat meat?” while serving me a piece from a dish. As I ate it, he smiled. I understood that I needed to stop being strongly opposed to eating meat, while cultivating in everyday society.

I had followed Master for many years, and had never seen him leave even a morsel of food on his plate after eating. We were all touched by this, and decided to do the same.

It's been 16 years since I last saw Master in person. I am now in my late seventies. Of course, I have forgotten many details of Master's lectures, but certainly not the essence.

It was just like Master said in Zhuan Falun,

“I think that those who can listen to my lectures in person, I would say, honestly... you will realize in the future that this period of time is extremely precious. Of course, we believe in predestined relationship. Everyone sits here all because of a predestined relationship.”