(Minghui.org) I was imprisoned for keeping up my practice of Falun Gong and telling people about the persecution after the violent suppression began in July 1999. During the five years that I was in prison, my young son grew up without the love and care of his mother.

A Resentful Son Opens Up

The hardships he suffered in my absence and the Chinese regime's slanderous propaganda he heard estranged him from me. When I returned, my son frequently fell into angry rages toward me. He accused me of getting involved in politics and working against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He deeply resented practitioners who occasionally visited me.

I bore no ill feelings for his behavior toward me. Instead, I did everything I could to care for him and help him. I would talk to him about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong whenever I got a chance. I also told him about the evil deeds the CCP committed in the past as illustrated by the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

My son gradually opened his heart to me and was able to get rid of the influence of the CCP's lies. He agreed to quit his membership in the Young Pioneers and supported the truth-clarification activities that I and other practitioners did.

After people started suing Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution, I suggested to him that families of Falun Gong practitioners should join the effort to sue Jiang and speak out for Falun Gong. He did not respond at first, out of fear.

I brought it up again after a few days. “The righteous is bound to prevail over evil,” I said. He still did not say anything.

Days later, I brought it up again. “Now there are over 160,000 people suing Jiang Zemin.”

This time he said, “I am not afraid anymore. I want to sue Jiang, too, and I will use my real name.”

A Daughter-in-Law Changes

After my son married, he and his wife lived with me and my husband in the traditional Chinese way. I soon found myself in a rocky relationship with my daughter-in-law.

Whenever she found fault with me, I would treat it as an opportunity to improve myself rather than getting angry with her. I treated her with kindness and understanding according to my understanding of Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I told her stories about my own cultivation and those of other practitioners, how we benefited from our cultivation, what the divine have given to our culture, and the principle of “good is rewarded with good and evil will meet with evil.” Gradually, our relationship become more and more amicable and harmonious.

They had a child. Two years ago, my grandson could not go to sleep and kept crying hard well into the night. I gave my Falun Gong lecture audio MP3 to him to listen to. It calmed him down quickly and he went to sleep soon afterwards.

My grandson never had the same problem again. My daughter-in-law was moved by the incident and told me, “Falun Gong is truly good!”

This spring everyone in my family had to take medication to treat a seasonal illness except me. My daughter-in-law told my husband, “Look, Dad, only my mom is illness free. She does not practice Falun Gong for nothing. Falun Gong is truly good!”