(Minghui.org) With less than two weeks remaining before the deadline to submit articles for the Twelfth Mainland China Dafa Disciples' Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference on the Minghui website, I would like to share my recent experience of writing an article for World Falun Dafa Day.

I hope this will offer some encouragement to fellow practitioners to submit their articles for this online conference.

When I saw the notice calling for article submissions for World Falun Dafa Day, I wanted to respond but found putting pen to paper very difficult.

While I was doing the sitting meditation one day, I remembered the spectacular and momentous scene of 10,000 practitioners doing the group exercises on World Falun Dafa Day.

Tears swelled up in my eyes, and I had an uncontrollable urge to write about that extraordinary day.

Deciding to Write an Sharing Article

I have benefited physically and mentally after I learned Dafa, and should have written this sharing a long time ago. However, I’d been dragging my feet for more than ten years. That made me feel unworthy of being a Dafa practitioner, and unworthy of Master’s salvation.

I uncovered a lot of human attachments at the time. For example, I harbored a reliance on others and thought that other practitioners could write better than me, and there would be enough sharing articles submitted without mine. I also had an attachment to comfort and leisure: as I am rather advanced in age and can only type slowly, I thought that there was no point in wasting my time, as it would take too long to write the article.

So, I told myself, “I am a particle of Dafa. I can write. I will write!”

Once I made a sincere wish to write, I started to think of ideas. However, I ran into all kinds of interference. Days dragged on. Ten days before the submission deadline, I still hadn’t written anything.

I was determined to begin writing one day, but only after I finished an important errand. I then faced a tribulation: my right leg suddenly gave way when I stepped off a subway elevator. I felt severe pain in my knee joint and couldn’t walk another step. Several people offered to help me, but I gratefully declined their offer.

I endured the pain quietly. I looked inward and sent forth righteous thoughts. I refused to accept any arrangement by the old forces and sought Master’s help.

Step by excruciating step, I finally reached my apartment building. I used all of my strength, and it took more than 20 minutes to climb up four floors to reach my apartment.

But, when I opened my door, a miracle happened: I could walk easily again.

I immediately went to Master’s portrait. Holding my palms together in front of my chest, I gave thanks to Master.

I was about to sit in the double lotus position to send forth righteous thoughts, when a young practitioner dropped in to say she wanted to talk to me about her mother’s serious sickness karma.

I realized that Master was sending me a clear message that I should keep my mind off of my painful leg. So, instead of asking the practitioner to help me send forth righteous thoughts for my leg problem, I sat in the double lotus position to talk with her about her mother.

When the practitioner finally saw that my leg was swollen and I had difficulty walking, she was very moved. She said to me with tears in her eyes, “I didn’t know. I didn’t even help you.”

When my neighbor, another practitioner, saw me, all she said was, “This is to keep you from writing your article.” I knew Master had used her words to hint at me.

My swollen leg was just an illusion, so I denied the old forces' arrangements and studied the Fa with more diligence, sending forth righteous thoughts frequently to clean up my dimensional field. Then, I started to write my article.

Dafa's Wisdom Comes When Writing

I needed some help with my writing on the third day, so I limped to the subway to look for a practitioner I hadn’t seen in a while.

However, I ran right into her before I even had a chance to cross the street! I knew that it was not a coincidence, as Master has wonderful and mysterious ways to lend a hand to practitioners.

I made a draft of what I wanted to write in advance, but when I sat down in front of the computer, new ideas popped into my head. I ended up writing a completely different script.

Some of the details I wrote moved me so much that tears blurred my vision and I had to walk away from the computer to calm down.

With the final draft done, I sought out a practitioner, a language teacher who lived several miles from me, to check it over. He read my article and said, “I didn’t know you could write so well!” This gave me great encouragement.

With Master’s inspiration and fellow practitioners’ help and encouragement, I was able to send my article to Minghui before the deadline.

When I finally saw my article published on Minghui, I didn’t feel elated, but rather sadness and regret.

I have been practicing Falun Dafa for two decades. If I had written my article much sooner, I might have been able to remember more details and share a little better.

Since I submitted my article, I often feel a strong field when I do the exercises, and my whole body seemed to be wrapped in energy. Sometimes, I even imagine I am doing the exercises on a Dafa ship with other practitioners, with Master at the helm.