(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners learned from Master’s Fa lecture that a person’s every thought may be controlled and that the old forces had arranged practitioners' every thought. If we follow the Fa-rectification path arranged by Master and study the Fa well, send forth righteous thoughts and talk to people about Dafa we are rejecting the old forces' arrangements.

Time is passing quickly and practitioners must remember that Master extended the time so we can tell more people about Dafa and help them have positive thoughts towards Dafa. Practitioners in the Fa-rectification period are cultivating towards consummation and also filling their paradises with their sentient beings.

I met a practitioner this summer during our Fa study, who I'll refer to as Ms. Chen. Ms. Chen is a college professor from another city. Her son was not married, so she came here to stay with him during her summer vacation. However, he was difficult to get along with and thus she was very careful around him. She felt that these visits were a test to improve her xinxing. Her fellow practitioners agreed.

Interference Through Her Son

Ms. Chen's son decided to shop for an apartment while she was visiting him. Originally, he set out to buy a two-bedroom apartment, then he decided to look for a three-bedroom apartment, and then a four-bedroom apartment.

She was exhausted and wanted to go back to her own home. She told a fellow practitioner, “I am about to collapse and I have no energy to talk to people about Falun Dafa.”

The fellow practitioner who was telling me this thought that Ms. Chen had passed a test and her son had helped her to improve her xinxing.

However, I felt that something was not quite right. I felt that the old forces had made use of her son to interfere with her. Her son even said to her, “Buying an apartment was not important. I wanted to change you.”

Denying the Old Forces' Arrangements

When Ms. Chen shared with other practitioners, she realized that she did not understand the difference between personal cultivation and cultivation during the Fa-rectification period. Therefore, the old forces took advantage of her incorrect understanding and used her son to interfere with her effort to save people.

During the personal cultivation period, passing tests and improving xinxing is the most important. However, this period has passed and we cultivate in the Fa-rectification period, during which saving people is the most important. Master wants us to save people. However, the old forces consider personal cultivation the most important. We should not follow the old forces’ arrangement.

Saving People Is Critical for All Practitioners

According to Ms. Chen, the practitioners in her Fa study group focused on personal cultivation and did not do their best to save people. They only did things to save people when opportunities came along and the effects were limited.

More and more practitioners have begun taking initiative to validate Dafa. They set aside time every day to tell people about Dafa and the persecution. We are Dafa practitioners. Whether we are employed or not, although our cultivation paths may be different, we all have a historic mission, which is to save sentient beings.

I wish to remind fellow practitioners to make good use of time. We must study the Fa, send righteous thoughts and save people. Even if practitioners have a job, it should not deter them from saving people.

If a practitioner has limited time, he or she can find ways to be involved as practitioners have even developed high-tech time-saving programs to aid with efforts to deliver the message. What is critical is setting our minds on saving people. This is the only way we will fulfill our prehistoric missions.

The above are some of my thoughts. I have no intention to criticize anyone. I just hope that all practitioners can play a vital role in the Fa-rectification period.