(Minghui.org) I read a sharing article on the Minghui website about being attached to the time when the Fa-rectification will end. I totally agree with the author. In my understanding, the attachment to time appears in many other places, too.

For example, when Master's new articles are published, some practitioners don't read them with a pure mind. Instead they look for hints about how many more years the Fa-rectification will take or in which season the Fa-rectification will end. Adding concepts from their own imaginations, they construct their own timelines.

They might begin to act like a temporary employee without a long term vision. Some might think, “I have this amount of money saved, so I can quit my job and do Dafa related work full time. When the money is gone, I will go to my heavenly kingdom.”

But when their imagined end date passes before the Fa-rectification has ended, they become disappointed. Some might slack off or quit cultivation, while a few might even cross to the opposite side.

More attachments can spring up from harboring an attachment to time. Instead of using the limited time to save more lives, some practitioners follow the political trends in the human world, such as who was investigated or jailed for corruption and which media was subtly criticizing Jiang Zemin.

These practitioners expect their tribulations will all disappear if Jiang Zemin is jailed or brought to trial. This thinking shows that they believe the Fa-rectification process can be controlled by an ordinary person. When Jiang appeared at a military parade recently, these practitioners felt disappointed again.

If a practitioner is so attached to time that they expect the Chinese Communist Party or some “good” ordinary people will end the persecution, I believe they are in danger.

Many of us have read the story of Milarepa's cultivation. Milarepa became a Buddha in the Tantric School after enduring tremendous hardship. Comparatively speaking, we are suffering far less than Milarepa. We have the protection and guidance from Master--and we can reach a much higher status.

The tribulations and hardships we have encountered over the past 16 years can be viewed from different perspectives. As a human being, the road may seem long and hard. As a divine being, when comparing the time here to the infinitely long time of the universe, 16 human years pass in the blink of an eye. If we place ourselves at a higher level, the hardships we endure seem less difficult.

We descended through layers of worlds, having vowed to follow Master and assist him at the end of time. We have thus reincarnated numerous times in this earthy world. We played our roles on the stage of history. Whether we were a brave soldier under the command of Yue Fei or an obedient official from a particular dynasty, the parts we played helped to build up the cultural foundation for people in this world to understand the Fa and obtain the Fa at this time.

We certainly should not have any attachment to this human world. But we ought to treasure the limited time left for us to fulfill our prehistoric vows. This short period of time is the most precious, glorious, and brilliant time for Dafa disciples.

It is time for us to let go of selfishness and human notions and to do the three things well. We should be worthy of the title of "Dafa disciple" and become majestic, sacred, and glorious lives.