Greetings, respected Master Li!

For various reasons, we do not practice Falun Gong [also known as Falun Dafa], but from your Dafa disciples we have witnessed the goodness and power of Falun Dafa and feel your compassion and magnificence.

This letter as an expression of our most sincere gratitude and profound respect!

My two siblings and I are now over 60 years old, and have experienced numerous sufferings under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). When we were young, we went through three years of “natural disasters,” which are now widely known to have been man-made. We suffered from hunger at an early age.

During our teenage years, we fell victim to the “Cultural Revolution.” We received no education, but were classified as “educated youths” and forced to do labor in the mountains and on farms. When we reached our working age, the “reform and open policy” came. State-owned enterprises were restructured and unemployment soared. That brought great crises to our family.

I had to seek work far away from home to survive, leaving the weight of the entire family squarely on my elder brother’s shoulders.

My father worked hard and was very competent. He succeeded with great efforts to accumulate a small amount of savings and a few possessions. The CCP labeled him an “urban petty bourgeois.” His property was confiscated and became part of the so-called collective property. His grievances turned to depression and despair that eventually manifested into illnesses, and eventually his death.

My two siblings were left to take care of our mother until she passed away.After my divorce, I had no choice but to hand over my two children to my sister to raise. She took care of them without a word of complaint, and without asking for, or getting a penny for their support.

Her husband and their three children were all sickly and needed a lot of medication. Their family was already in dire straits financially. Then, she took in my two children, making their situation worse. Her husband was so angry that he wanted a divorce.

When my sister was taken to a forced labor camp because of her belief in Falun Gong, I had no choice but to return home.

After both my siblings started practicing Falun Gong, I witnessed the positive changes in their manner and conduct.

My elder sister used to be impetuous, feisty and arrogant. Right or wrong, she had to win. She developed all kinds of illnesses, with one terminal that almost ended her life. Funeral arrangements had even been made.

However, she began practicing Falun Dafa and became healthy and illness-free. Now, she walks with a spring in her step. She looks much younger than her actual age.

My elder brother is very capable, but he was stubborn and valued money too much. After he started practicing Falun Dafa his behavior and attitude improved dramatically.

Both my siblings are energetic and cheerful. They don't look like people who are fast approaching 70. Because they have personally benefited from Dafa, they go about telling everybody about Falun Dafa, so much so that some relatives and friends have also started practicing.

Our family owns a small house on a street in the prime location. There is a small shop on the ground floor, so living there and managing a business are both very convenient.

After I returned home, my brother said to me: “Dafa’s Master teaches us to be good people and to always think of others first. We want to give you the house. Your sister and all our children are in agreement. The house is all yours now.”

After her husband's death, my elder sister now lives alone on a very small pension. Her son is grown up. He and his wife are both out of work and living in a rented property. Their two daughters own homes but have accumulated a bit of debt. All in all, their financial situation is rather tense.

My elder brother and his wife are retired and living on a fixed retirement income. Their two children are adults now and independent, but not well-off.

If they sold the house and each took a share from the sale, that would certainly help each of them improve their lives. But, my siblings made their decision and their children raised no objection, and complied with respect and understanding.

Nowadays, lawsuits abound, with lots of families fighting each other for inheritance and turn into sworn enemies. My current wife just couldn’t believe what was happening in our family until all of the property deeds were complete.

She was greatly touched, and sighed, “Falun Gong people are really different. They don’t even fight for things they have a right to. They gave us the house of their own free will. We are truly beneficiaries of their Master Li. Falun Dafa has truly blessed us.”

When my sister talks to my wife about Falun Gong, my wife is very receptive. My wife and I have both withdrawn our memberships in the Chinese Communist Party and all its affiliates. We also follow my sister’s suggestion to recite, often and with reverence: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

One night, my wife experienced a terrible stomachache and was in a great deal of pain. She remembered that my sister had taught her the Falun Gong exercises, so she started doing them. Before she even finished the first exercise her stomach pain had disappeared.

I want to take this opportunity to send greetings from all my family members to Master Li Hongzhi! It’s our dearest wish that Falun Gong will spread throughout the world!

We also hope that everyone who has been blinded by the lies of the Communist Party will learn the facts and see that “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” so they can make the right choice for their future!

Thank you once again, Master Li!