(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Feng Xiaoyuan was arrested fordistributing Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs. She was held for over 15 days at the Wuhan No.1 Detention Center before she was transferred to a brainwashing center . Her family members have been trying to get her released.

Ms. Feng was arrested by officers from the Ximalu Street Police Station in Jiangan District, Wuhan City on September 11, 2015.

Family Given the Runaround

Ms. Feng’s family members were given a detention order document at the Ximalu Street Police Station. It stated: “Based on No. 27, Item 2 of China’s Public Security Administration Punishment Law, Feng Xiaoyuan is detained for 15 days fordisturbing the public order and hurting others health using fake religion and qigong.”

The family went back to the police station on September 26, 2015, to appeal for Ms. Feng’s release, but officer Hu said, “Our job is to arrest people, not release them.”

Then, Ms. Feng's family called Director Peng, who was in charge of her case. They wanted to meet with him, but he refused. He said, “We have no authority to release anyone. You can sue the detention center if she is not released in 15 days.”

The family went to the Wuhan No. 1 Detention Center the following morning and was told that Ms. Feng had been transferred. The guard on duty refused to provide further information when asked, so Ms. Feng's family said they would considertaking legal action against the detention center for violating the detention document.

The guard then called his supervisor and said that Ms. Feng was taken back to the Ximalu Police Station.

When the family called Director Peng to inquire about Ms. Feng, he denied that the police station had taken her back and suggested to the family that they sue the detention center for detaining Ms. Feng for more than 15 days.

After further inquiry, officials at the detention center finally admitted that Officer Xu Junping from the Qiaokou District Police Station had taken Ms. Feng.

On their way to the Qiaokou District Police Station, the family members received a phone call informing them that Ms. Feng was transferred to the Legal Education Center, a brainwashing center in Qiaokou District.

When they arrived at the brainwashing center, no one answered the door. Ms. Feng's family has not been able to see her since her arrest. She is still held at the brainwashing center.

Participants in the persecution of Ms. Feng:
Ximalu Street Police Staion: +86-27-83223267
Director Peng: +86-13971519989Officer Hu: +86-15327194449