Made a Mistake Wanting to Join the CCP

A hospital in Yimeng was assigned a few quotas for Chinese Communist Party (CCP) membership applications. However, there has been a lack of applicants, despite the hospital's efforts.

The hospital authorities discovered that a doctor applied for membership 10 years, ago and decided to grant him the application now. The doctor did not accept and said, “I was young 10 years ago and made a mistake by completing an application. I am older and wiser now, so I've decided not to join the CCP.”

“Falun Gong Not a Cult”

A county official paid a visit to a village, and a village secretary showed him around. They went to a practitioner's home and a group of practitioners happened to be studying the Falun Gong books. The county official said that since they were busy, he would let himself out. After seeing this, the village secretary offered to protect the practitioners as he was leaving.

During a village meeting one official complained that there were too many Falun Gong activities. The county official was at the meeting. He stood up and said, “Falun Gong is Falun Gong and not a cult. Make sure you can tell the difference. Just continue the meeting.”