(Minghui.org) I would like share some thoughts of mine after reading the recently published editorial “Notice Regarding Suing Jiang” on the Minghui website. Suing Jiang refers to Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Chinese Communist Party.

As practitioners, we have to ask ourselves if we have filed the criminal complaints against Jiang with 100% faith in Dafa; whether, through the complaints, we have offered salvation to all sentient beings; and whether we held notions of fear of being persecuted when sending them. As cultivators, our thoughts have energy. Our negative thoughts could become obstacles in the process of suing Jiang and offering salvation to sentient beings.

Through this process, I have seen Master's profound compassion manifest. Master has given all practitioners an opportunity to be involved in this process. Practitioners can file criminal complaints based on their understanding of the Fa.

Master commented at the end of the notice, “I hope that everyone will do as above.”

Master has told us before that we should follow the directions published on the Minghui website regarding major issues. However, many practitioners in China have been living under Chinese Communist Party culture for so long that they haven't completely gotten rid of their arrogance, and failed to completely follow the Minghui notices. By adding a comment at the end of this notice, Master has encouraged all practitioners to sue Jiang with righteous thoughts.

I believe the main obstacle of suing Jiang for some practitioners is the influence of Party culture and our fear of the brutal persecution. However, we have personally benefited from Dafa and Master's compassionate care. It would be a shame if we can't eliminate our negative thoughts with strong faith in Dafa.

Even though Master's Fa-rectification doesn't rely on us suing Jiang, filing lawsuits and criminal complaints are a way to help us eliminate our attachments, the influence Party culture has on us, and help us have stronger faith in Master and Dafa.

It's not only a way of offering salvation to sentient beings, but also a way for practitioners to step out and catch up with the process of Fa-rectification. No one should be left behind.

Filing our criminal complaints or reports is our way of denying the persecution. We can eliminate our attachments of fear by suing Jiang, because fearing the persecution is equivalent to recognizing it.

Let's take this opportunity to get rid of the influence of Party culture. We need to looking inward, coordinate well with each other and catch up with the process of Fa-rectification. Let's truly do well on what we should do and fulfill our mission.

The above is my limited understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. Heshi!