(Minghui.org) Ms. Zhang Guozhen, 56, from Fuxin City, Liaoning Province, will face trial in Fumeng County Court on January 29, 2015.

Ms. Zhang was arrested on August 11, 2014, for handing out Falun Gong informational materials.

Her family hired a lawyer from Beijing, who reiterated in a letter to the Fumeng County Procuratorate that believing in Falun Dafa is not a crime. He also requested that the Procuratorate not press charges against Ms. Zhang; however, the Procuratorate continued to push the case forward.

Ms. Zhang is regarded by her neighbors as a woman of high character. After she was arrested, one of her neighbors said, “There is only one good person in Fumeng County, but now she has been arrested.”

She was arrested in 2008 and sentenced to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. While imprisoned, she was beaten, tortured by being hung up for long periods of time, and shocked with electric batons.