(Minghui.org) Mr. Zhu Zhaojie, in his 60s, is a self-employed business owner from Miyi County in Sichuan Province. Mr. Zhu was imprisoned for ten years and subjected to torture for practicing Falun Gong. Here is his account:

Torture and Hard Labor

I was arrested and sentenced to one year of forced labor in the Xiuhua Forced Labor Campin Mianyang, Sichuan Province, on January 10, 2000.

I was brainwashed and tortured, which included being forced to stand naked in the snow for long hours. The guards also demanded that I pay exorbitant prices for food and other necessities.

I was transferred to Division 2 and forced to do hard labor. The work started at 7:00 a.m and ended at 10:00 p.m., without any breaks. I did strenuous labor for five months, day after day, until my release in October 2002.

Beaten by Police

I was arrested again on November 2, 2002. Two officers whipped me with handcuffs until I was soaked in blood. When they were tired, they sat down and had a cup of tea. They beat me again when they felt rested. I was beaten until the morning, when they took me back to Miyi County Police Department by train.

Torture reenactment: Violent beating

I was transferred to a detention center, where guards tortured me. They used tin-snips to snip my nipples, which caused excruciating pain. They also hit my head against a wall, giving me a concussion.

Torture reenactment: Hitting someone's head against a wall

Afterward, I had severe headaches and could not stand or eat. I would throw up each time I ate something, but even so, the guards kept me in handcuffs and shackles.

I was detained in the detention center for fifteen months before I was tried and sentenced to nine years in prison by the Miyi County Court. I was sentenced together with four other practitioners.

More Torture

I was transferred to the Wumaping Prison in February 2004. It was very cold there and snow was everywhere. Team leader Fang forced us to recite prison regulations and sing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) songs. I refused to cooperate, so he would make me run laps outside or stand in the freezing snow.

The prison's No. 4 Ward was used to torture practitioners. I was transferred there in 2005. Other practitioners and I were forced to stand for long hours in the scorching sun during summer and in the freezing snow during winter. There were also days when the guards refused to give us food.

When someone was beaten to death, they would just bury the body somewhere outside the prison. Then, the hospital would issue a false death certificate and say the victim died from an illness. The victim's family would be given 200 yuan, and that would be the end of the story.

Guard He, who was especially known for his viciousness and also involved with these kinds of acts, often beat inmates.

He and a few other guards often tortured me. They forced me to stand on the burning hot concrete with bare feet under the scorching sun. Then, he would stomp on my feet wearing his leather boots.

I was once forced into a confinement cell after I went on a hunger strike for eleven days. While on strike, I was force-fed repeatedly. Guard Gao Hu ordered eight inmates to force me to the ground. They then inserted a rubber tube into my stomach through one of my nostrils. The feedings injured my mouth and nose.

During this time, I was also deprived of sleep. This kind of sleep torture lasted for over 20 days.