(Minghui.org) My family moved to a new community in our township in 2010. The town sponsored a fair where people exchanged goods, and many people from the surrounding areas attended. The township was filled with activity and excitement, and we had gone out to enjoy it ourselves.

Meanwhile, the restaurant below our apartment was having a very busy day. The temperature in the kitchen was very high, given the prolonged use of the stove and oven, and at one point, cooking oil on the stove caught fire and flames spread quickly. Within a few minutes, the fire shot upward into the chimney, and the kitchen was engulfed in smoke.

The police rushed to the scene, but there was no local fire brigade to respond. Everyone was scared, and no one, including the police, dared to enter the kitchen to extinguish the fire.

I first saw the fire on my return home. I called my husband and a friend, both of whom practice Falun Gong, to put out the fire. Although the police tried to stop them, they ran into the kitchen with fire extinguishers.

They smothered the fire and the kitchen was left covered in ash. Their faces were black and their eyes were watery from the smoke.

Their courage prevented a fire that could have done great harm. The police and the residents were touched and sincerely thanked us.

Our neighbors, the property managers, and township authorities all agreed: “Falun Dafa practitioners are good people. Rest assured that no one will harass you here. You can live here peacefully.”