(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners recently shared their insights after attending the 2014 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in Bad Kissingen, Germany in late December.

Several practitioners shared how their xinxing had improved, as well as where they had fallen short after listening to the speeches in the conference and looking inward.

“Cultivation Has Made Me More Tolerant of Others”

Ursula Cullmann from Cologne, France started practicing Falun Gong about 13 years ago. “I learned to look inward when facing problems, which is essential to our cultivation,” she said.

The one speech that especially impressed her addressed the need to let go of one's anger, hatred, and negative thoughts.

“At one point in my cultivation, I was consumed by an array of negative thoughts,” Ursula explained. “As a result, the gum tissue around one of my teeth became inflamed and my cheek became very swollen.

“I reminded myself, 'I'm a practitioner so this could have only come about because I am cultivating Dafa. Thus, it's an opportunity to look within and rid myself of any attachment that I may find. I don't have any illness; this is just a test!'”

Ursula said that after practicing Falun Gong, she is a lot more tolerant of others. “In the past, whenever my husband and I quarreled, I would smash the kitchen plates on the floor,” she explained.

“Now when we argue, my first thought is, 'I must be wrong.' I seldom get angry and I feel much healthier, too!”

“I Feel Confident That I, Too, Can Reach a Selfless State”

Rosa Jansohn from Bremen City started practicing Falun Gong 13 years ago.“The speech about reaching a state of selflessness was excellent,” she said.

“The practitioner not only worked hard on ridding herself of the attachment to self, but she was also able to think of others first in her daily life.

“Although I can see many gaps in my cultivation, after listening to her talk, I feel confident that I, too, can reach a selfless state. The practitioner appears to be wholeheartedly cultivating herself, which is the key to truly becoming a selfless being.”

“I Realized My Own Inner Selfishness”

Kornelia Fischer from Kassel City started practicing Falun Dafa two years ago. She attended the conference because she wanted to improve her character.

“After listening to a young mother's speech, I had realized my own inner selfishness and began to sob,” she said.

“The practitioner on stage noted that the underlying factor behind all of her tribulations with others was her own selfishness, which is very similar to my own situation at work.

“She mentioned that many of our superficial attachments are rooted in our attachment to self. If we don't get rid of this fundamental attachment, it will be difficult to raise our xinxing.”

“I Will Stop Being Embarrassed When I Make Mistakes”

Haroldo Rodrigues began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. He attended the conference with his 14-year-old daughter, Elisa. “I think this conference is an invaluable opportunity to improve ourselves,” he enthused.

He said that the sharing about passing the test of sickness karma was particularly relevant to his own life.

Elisa talked about the openness that each speaker displayed at the conference. “Everyone spoke freely about their own foibles and the mistakes that they've made on their cultivation path.

“They looked within when encountering problems asking themselves, 'Where did I go wrong? What did I do to cause this upset?'

“I have not been very strict with myself in this regard, but now I will learn from these practitioners and stop being embarrassed when I make mistakes.”

She mentioned she will set new goals for herself after attending the conference.

“It's Important to Have Firm Belief in Master and the Fa”

Volker Spielmann started practicing Falun Dafa in 2000. “I'm happy that I attended the conference and had the chance to share with my fellow practitioners,” he explained.

“I'm clearer now on the importance of having a firm belief in Master and the Fa and the need to persevere when facing problems.”

“Some speeches made me more aware that Master Li is truly beside us, at all times. Thus, when confronted with a great tribulation, we should never give up. Once we adjust our thinking, the whole situation will inevitably change for the better.

“I sincerely hope that all practitioners will come to understand the importance of believing in Master, and that he is always with us.

“Only by diligently cultivating our character and studying the Fa, can we hope to improve!”