(Minghui.org) The rural town I live in has a very large and popular bazaar. This is a great place for local Falun Dafa practitioners to awaken sentient beings. As soon as the calendars that have information about Falun Dafa are printed, we practitioners go to the bazaar to distribute them and use the opportunity to encourage people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Distributing Calendars at the Bazaar

I took about 30 calendars to the bazaar and went to the bridge that leads to the southern end of the city.

I distributed the calendars to people, clarified the truth, and encouraged them to quit the CCP. People stopped to take the beautiful calendars, and they agreed to quit. Some also took the truth-clarification booklets.

A man in his 50s stopped his car and said, “Give one to me.” I looked at him and realized that he was one of the people I talked to during the last bazaar. He refused then and even said, “If you talk to me again, I'll report you.”

I smiled and told him patiently about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Parrtywhile in my heart asking Master for help. Although he did not quit, he took the booklet “The Inside Story of CCP Officials Being Sacked.” I asked Master: “Please give him one more chance.”

Today, he took the initiative to ask for a calendar. He must have read the truth-clarification booklet and understood. Master has given him another chance. I told him about the blood-stained CCP's flag, and the hammer and sickle that symbolized weapons for killing people. How horrifying! How could kind-hearted people give their lives to it? Our lives should be protected by gods and divine beings.

This time he quit the CCP. He and his wife left happily after she quit the Youth League.

When people asked for two calendars, I told them that this was a calendar that saves lives, and whoever understands the truth will definitely be saved.

They told me that they wanted to take one for their children. I said, “I thank you on behalf of your children. You are bringing them the most precious gift.” I took small booklets and DVDs of the Nine Commentaries from my car for them to choose.

I let them choose which truth-clarification DVD they wanted. Then I said, “Use your computer to watch them. The disc contains software that breaks through the firewall. It will be more authentic and splendid when you watch it online.”

Some people took a few booklets. I gave them a Nine Commentaries booklet and suggested they quit the Party. They agreed. There were also those who had not quit in the past. However, they agreed to quit now after they understood the truth.

There were some couples that quit the CCP together and left happily with the calendars.

Some parents were in a hurry to get on their motorbike with their children. The children turned their heads and saw the beautifully made calendars I was holding, and they begged their parents to stop. They ran to me, and I hurried over. As I handed them the calendar, I persuaded the children to quit the Young Pioneers and the Youth League. They agreed and ran back to their parents.

Those families who had taken the calendars the previous year said, “The calendar was amazing. Our whole family was healthy and happy throughout the year. We often read what's written in the calendar. The CCP is so evil. We have quit it and know that Dafa is good.”

Whenever a crowd gathered, I clarified the truth to them. I talked about the high ranking officials who had faced karmic retribution after persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. I told people how these officials had committed crimes.

I told them that the Party is harming good people and bringing disasters to people. I told them to quit and sever any ties with it to be saved during any catastrophes. Those who say “Falun Dafa is good” have enjoyed great blessings. Those who speak up for Dafa are kind people with a conscience—they will be saved.

Those who are present usually agree to quit the CCP after listening to my words. They thank me and I wished them a good future.

Two Brothers Quit

Two brothers were CCP members. The elder brother is in his eighties and joined the CCP when he was young. He worked diligently for the CCP, and he refused to quit in the past even though his children quit. He often looked at me angrily and refused each time I tried to persuade him to quit.

Although he is from the neighboring village, our relationship is still good. I did not give up on saving him. I stepped into his house to clarify the truth to him again after his wife took the calendar from me.

I told him: “Marx and Lenin were not Chinese. They are responsible for the people their followers killed. Those high ranking officials that participated in the persecution of Falun Dafa ended up in jail. They collected large sums of money that are stained with people's blood and sweat. You are an upright person. How could you stand with the most evil thing on Earth? We are Chinese people and advocate filial piety. Don't you agree?

He agreed. So I said, “Be a Chinese descendant. Don't be an offspring of Marx and Lenin. Remove that evil vow that you made to the blood-stained flag.”

He finally agreed to quit the CCP. With tears in my eyes, I thanked him as he walked me to the door.

His younger brother is in his sixties and also refused to listen whenever I asked him to quit. He joined the CCP when he was enlisted in the army. After he left the army, he was given a job and was now retired.

This time, I again told him about the amount of money that the high ranking CCP officials took through corruption and bribes. These people are the heads in persecuting Dafa, and those heads of higher ranks will soon receive their retribution. When everything comes to light, it may be too late to quit.

I said, “You are an honest person and know the principle that good will be rewarded with good, and evil will receive retribution. You also know that we are Chinese people and aren't the descendants of Marx and Lenin. Why should you be destroyed along with the evil? Open your eyes: The CCP has harmed many people in their movements. Think about it: Weren't those people innocent?

I added, “The factories opened by officials installed surveillance cameras to watch their employees. Those who dozed off were deducted 100 yuan from their salaries. They treated their employees like prisoners. They knew that the employees would stay on even though what they did was unreasonable since the employees need to survive.

He finally understood and agreed to quit.

Still Time Left

The above are some of my experiences in using calendars to clarify the truth and encourage people to quit the CCP. The moving stories of people who quit often leaves me in tears.

I know that Master has pushed Fa-rectification progress to this point; thus, the sentient beings could awaken quickly. Master is also opening Dafa disciples' wisdom to save sentient beings.

If there are any shortcomings in what I have said, please point it out.