(Minghui.org) When my husband passed a police station on September 3, 2000, an officer approached him. The officer asked if he could look after an abandoned baby girl who had been found in a trash bin. My husband first wanted to make sure that I was okay with taking on the care of a baby.

Actually, it seems my husband had made his decision before he talked to me and was anxious to get back to the police station. I accompanied him, and when I looked at the baby, I thought that, as Falun Dafa practitioners, we should always consider others first when doing things. The baby was a newborn, and the police did not know how to look after her, so we decided to take her home.

The police asked us to adopt this baby and agreed to register her at the local police station. It was a tough decision as we were nearing 50. We are farmers and do some other odd jobs, so life was already hard enough without taking on another responsibility.

But I knew that, as a practitioner, nothing that happens is coincidental. Therefore, we adopted her.

Surviving Tribulations

The baby began choking when I gave her some medicine a few days after she came to our home. In my mind I asked for help, and soon after she could breath normally.

On another day, I left the baby on the bed and went outside to dry some beans in the sun. When I returned, the room was full of smoke and I could not breathe; however, there was not any smoke around the baby. I immediately picked her up and took her to my neighbor's house, so I could clean the mess. This showed me that some higher divinity was looking after her.

When she was five years old, my neighbor watched her playing outside. As she was playing, a woman riding a bicycle hit her.

I rushed over there after I heard the news and saw about 30 bystanders. I told the woman she could leave, and the bystanders wondered why I did not ask for any compensation. But as a practitioner, my first thought already made the decision: “I am a practitioner, and the child always listens to the Falun Dafa lectures. She will be protected.”

My neighbor came over because she did not want to be blamed for the accident and attacked me verbally. I did not say a word. She left and saw the girl was fine the next day.

People know that we are practitioners, and after witnessing this, they all felt that Falun Dafa was really good.

Overcoming Learning Difficulties

I assumed that the child was abandoned because she had problems. She had low intelligence, and she seemed to forget anything I taught her within only a few minutes.

When she was four years old, she often held the main Falun Dafa book Zhuan Falun and pretended to read it and murmured to herself. One day she looked at Zhuan Falun and said, “The founder of Falun Dafa suffers a lot.”

Growing Up

I am in my 60s now, and our daughter has grown into a beautiful little girl. She likes dancing and does well at school. She works on overcoming her learning difficulties, and she is becoming a better student. What's more, my two sons love their little sister.

Thank you Dafa, for giving us a beautiful daughter.