(Minghui.org) Master Li asked us to think of one of our illnesses that we wanted to treat when I attended a Falun Gong seminar on March 2, 1994. I thought of my chronically inflamed gallbladder.

As soon as he waved his right hand on stage, I felt a wave of ice-cold water running into my gallbladder area and rotating. Everyone applauded. We were stunned by such marvelous healing power. It completely changed my view of Falun Gong.

Attending the Afternoon Seminar

The seminar was held in a military auditorium on Huaxi Street, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, on the afternoon of March 2, 1994. The friend who asked me to attend told me that the first of a nine-session Falun Gong lecture series would follow in the Number 2 Cotton Mill that same evening. The tuition for the nine lectures was 50 yuan (about $8.00).

Hearing my friend's description, I thought to myself: “I've never heard of Falun Gong. I've attended other qigong seminars and lectures by nationally famous masters. They charged 100 or several hundred yuan for one day or two-day lectures. Even so, I do not think I learned anything. The Falun Gong lecture only costs 50 yuan. I can't expect to learn much.”

We arrived at the auditorium in the afternoon and did not see any promotion going on like other qigong seminars. We sat at the rear on the right of the auditorium.

The host introduced Master Li Hongzhi, and we saw a tall young man step onto the podium. Master Li briefly introduced Falun Gong and said it could heal illnesses, but that it wasn't for that purpose. He said Falun Gong brings people to higher realms.

Master Li said that everyone there had a predestined relationship and he could cure one illness for each one whether or not he or she wanted to practice Falun Gong. If the person had no illness, he or she could think of one ailment a family member had. That was when he waved his right hand and I felt the ice-cold water in my gallbladder.

Attending the First of Nine Lectures

That evening following the seminar, I attended the first of Master Li's nine-session lecture series. In the bike parking area, I saw a row of bikes had fallen over. Then I saw Master bending over to pick up each one. I was touched and felt Master Li showed such dignity and kindness.

When it was time for the lecture, Master Li sat on the podium and began by saying, “I hope everyone is on time. You will disturb others if you are late.” Thinking of him picking up the bikes on the ground, I had a feeling that he always thought of others first.

Master did not have script to read during his lecture. I did not see him drink anything. He sat there and spoke to us naturally. I listened attentively and felt that Master let me understand all I wanted to know and answered all my questions. I also learned things I had never known before. I enjoyed the two-hour lecture very much and looked forward to the next one.

We learned the first Falun Gong exercise after the first session. Master Li explained it, and some veteran practitioners helped teach us. I felt someone correct my hand gestures when I closed my eyes to practice the exercise. When I opened my eyes, I saw Master Li correcting the hand gestures of the person next to me.

My Worldview Changed

My view of the world completely changed after I finished attending the nine-session lecture series. I understood that cultivation is to return to one's true self. Falun Gong was what I wanted.

Some learners asked to have group photos taken with Master Li when the lecture series was almost over. Master agreed and said it would save money if we could take the photos ourselves.

On the day of the group photos, nearly 1,000 of us were divided into 19 groups, 50 in each, based on the serial number of our lecture admission tickets. Each group had a group photo taken with Master. Many asked to have individual group photo with him. He agreed to that, too, and walked back and forth to have small group photos taken.

The day was like a celebration. Everyone had the same feeling and wore clean clothes. We were excited to have our photo taken with Master Li.

I've kept that group photo for 20 years. Though police have ransacked my home several times and persecuted me, I treasure that photo and still have it.

On the evening of March 8, 1994, the lecture series ended after Master Li answered questions. Falun Dafa took root and spread everywhere in Shijiazhuang after that.