(Minghui.org) “No one disturbs his meditation anymore,” Falun Gong practitioner Guo Jufeng's story was recently aired on regional TV and radio in Germany.

Mr. Guo visited the country on a business trip in 2008 and stayed as a refugee. Amid the persecution of Falun Gong in China, he was arrested four times and sent to three labor camps.

He told WDR Fernsehen, a regional public broadcast service whose programs are available across the nation, “It was very unfortunate that I was persecuted in China. However, I'm lucky to have settled down in Germany, where I can do my exercises and think freely.” WDR broadcast the story during weekend primetime on September 6, 2014.

Screenshot from the WDR TV program “Local Time in Dortmund”

The TV interview was broadcast during weekend prime time on September 6, 2014.

Mr. Guo currently resides in Dortmund, a city in western Germany. Photographer Peyman Azhari spotted him doing meditation in a park and learned that he was doing Falun Gong exercises. Guo's story was subsequently included in the “Homeland 132” (Heimat 132) photobook, an album featuring immigrants in Germany.

Radio station 91.2 MHz also interviewed Mr. Guo and aired his story on October 17. Mr. Guo told the host, “I couldn't get a lawyer. Without due process, I was sent to three labor camps. At one of them, I was shocked by electric batons for five hours. My skin was burned.”

Mr. Azhari told the radio station, “Falun Gong is very peaceful. You sense that when you see them doing the exercises. I don't understand why they were sent to prisons and labor camps. Criminals should be arrested. Meditators in the park shouldn't... Freedom of speech is very important.”

The radio host talked about the contrast between Mr. Guo's experience in China and in Germany. He had to leave China due to persecution and forced labor. In Germany, he is an electrical engineer who can freely meditate in the park.

Within five years of arriving in Germany, Mr. Guo completed German language studies and was hired by a German multinational company as a certified electrical engineer. The German labor bureau carried his success story in the summer of 2014: “Guo Jufeng, a Fresh Start.”