(Minghui.org) Summer is high season for tourism in northern Europe, and visitors come from around the world, with many more these days coming from China.

“I Couldn't Sleep Without Renouncing the Party”

Facing busloads of Chinese tourists, practitioners sense an urgency to raise awareness about the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the importance of quitting. Fan, a practitioner volunteer, said, “They can feel your sincere kindness, and understand your righteous thoughts. Many times tourists renounce the Party after only a few words.”

He once met a tourist and encouraged him to quit the Party. The tourist said, “I have never joined the Party or any of its organizations, because I come from a mountainous area.”

Fan could see he was not telling the truth, so he said with sincerity, “I know people say things like, 'I cannot read,' 'I have never been to school,' 'I am a farmer,' and so on, when they are not really true. You should not fool yourself.”

The tourist looked for Fan at the tourist site the next day. Breathless, he said, “I joined the Young Pioneers. Please help me quit.” Fan asked, “Didn't you say you had never joined a Party organization?” The tourist confided, “I returned to my hotel yesterday and could not sleep all night long.” Fan helped him to renounce the CCP, and gave him more informational materials.

China Is Not the CCP

Many people are intimidated by the Party before going abroad as a tourist. They are told not to contact Falun Gong practitioners and not to read Falun Gong informational materials. Some people, having been mislead by the CCP propaganda, have warped notions. The volunteers raising awareness at tourist sites run into such people and often hear, “China's economy is really booming. Everyone has more money now.”

Fei, another practitioner volunteer, thinks differently. She asks them, “Do you like feeding your children tainted milk, drinking contaminated water, and breathing the contaminated air? What part of your lives is not faced with quality issues? Is this a normal society? Think about it.

“The CCP is responsible for these problems, but the CCP is not China. Being patriotic about our country does not mean liking the Party. Quitting the Party is truly being patriotic. The best thing to do is to renounce the Party and its affiliated organizations.” The tourists generally agree with her.

The Swan

One day Fei ran into six Chinese tourists, who looked like officials, walking on the beach. She started talking to one of them. She spoke loudly in hopes that the others would hear, too. She talked about the Party and its crimes, and the importance of quitting.

The man said, “Walk with me for a while.” Fei walked with him and continued to explain why he should withdraw from the Party. The man seemed to ignore her and said, “How beautiful that swan is!” as he pointed to a swan. Fei returned to the topic and encouraged him to quit the Party, but the man just smiled and praised the scenery.

Another man in the group said to Fei, “Actually, we all know the CCP is bad.” Fei asked, “Then why don't you quit? You swore to sacrifice your life for the Party when you joined it. That is not a good thing. You should renounce your membership.”

Everyone listened. Yet another man asked, “Do you have a quota? So after we leave, you can count the number to get paid?”

Fei answered, “I don't get a penny to do this. I just want you to know the facts and have a good future. It is not true that everything is based on self-interest and money. The CCP propaganda is wrong. We need to have a conscience.

“We cannot be like people are in China today. Remember when no one helped that old lady who fell down on the sidewalk, because the passersby were afraid of being held responsible? Why is the level of morality so low in China? It's because of the CCP, which exerts control based on violence and lies. It promotes making money using any means, with morality not an issue. That is not right.”

The man was touched, and asked to quit one of the CCP's youth organizations. Another one said, “I didn't join any CCP organization.” Fei said, “You went to school. Almost everyone joined the Young Pioneers and swore to die for the Party!” “I sure did,” he recalled. "I don't want that on my conscience.” He understood and quit the Young Pioneers.

Everyone but the man who mentioned the swan quit, but Fei did not give up. She tried her best to help him, “I think you understand the facts from what I've said. You are a kind man. I hope you make the right choice.”

The man mentioned the swan again, and Fei understood. She said, “Because you like the swan so much, let me give you the pseudonym 'Swan' to quit the Party.” He agreed. The others smiled, and one said, “He will remember it for sure.”

Fei reminded everyone, “Please tell your family members the facts, and have them quit the Party too, after you return to China. Bring peace home with you.” Everyone was pleased and expressed their appreciation.