(Minghui.org) Any Falun Dafa practitioner who has followed Teacher up to today knows it has not been easy. Many have stayed steadfastly on the Fa-rectification path since the practice was first introduced.

In this last phase of the Fa-rectification period, I do not want any practitioner to harm him or herself because of the attachment to lust and lose the precious opportunity to cultivate.

Therefore, I would like to share several incidents I experienced. I hope to warn myself as well as fellow practitioners so that we can walk well on the path of Fa-rectification until the end.

Passing Away Due to Sickness Karma

Practitioner Z, a pretty and elegant lady, was a local coordinator. She was divorced. Many male practitioners adored her. We all thought she cultivated well. She fell in love with Practitioner W, who was about ten years younger than she. They used to cooperate at a material production site and had an affair.

Later, she was arrested and detained. She asked Teacher for help and confessed her sins. She also pledged not to repeat the mistake. With that thought, Teacher gave her an opportunity. She was released from the detention center.

However, she still couldn't let go of her affection and lust for W. Finally, they got married. Less than two years later, her abdomen started to hurt, and she was diagnosed with cancer. Fellow practitioners shared with her about the tribulation and helped her send forth righteous thoughts, to no avail.

Even before she passed away, she still couldn't get over her affection for Practitioner W. On her deathbed, she saw Teacher. Teacher was very serious and said, “Where do you want me to position you?”

Couple Attached to Lust Sentenced to Prison

Practitioner G was divorced. Later, she married Practitioner F, who was also divorced. They often quarreled and cursed at each other. They were enthusiastic at validating the Fa and rescuing fellow practitioners, and they did many great things. But they couldn't concentrate when studying the Fa. Though already in their forties, they couldn't restrain themselves when it came to sexual relations. Other practitioners reminded them, but they still couldn't make a fundamental change.

Once, the police saw them distributing materials to inform the public of the persecution. They successfully escaped under Teacher's protection, but they were put on the online wanted list. Their cultivation state didn't change during the following six months, and they still held the attachment to lust. In the end, they were arrested and sentenced to prison.

Married Practitioners Should Control Their Affections

Practitioner J was married. He did many great things in rescuing fellow practitioners and validating the Fa. He was also admired among fellow practitioners.

He started to cooperate with female practitioner H this year in rescuing fellow practitioners and validating the Fa. As time went by, they developed affection for each other. Practitioner H often called J about recent happenings. Due to quarrels between J and his wife, these two practitioners became even closer.

Their relationship was discussed among practitioners. The pair decided to part for a period of time. One day, they met again in a Fa study group. Afterwards, J sent messages to H, asking her to cooperate with him in rescuing fellow practitioners. They were arrested several days later, after their cell phones were monitored and located. Informants said the police tortured Practitioner J.