(Minghui.org) Ms. Wang Guirong (王桂荣), 62, is facing an illegal trial around September 27, 2014. The local court in Tianjin told her lawyer on September 17 that a trial was scheduled in about 10 days. She has been held at the Binhai New District No. 1 Detention Center since the end of May and suffers from high blood pressure.

Ms. Wang and her husband Chen Guoliang (陈国良) were followed and videotaped by police on May 16, when they went to Dagang in Tianjin to seek the release of other practitioners. They were arrested on May 27.

Mr. Chen fell sick on the same day, and his family called an ambulance. He was rushed to a hospital and returned home after treatment.

Although the detention center declined to admit Ms. Wang on account of her high blood pressure, the director of the Tanggu Police Department ordered the detention center to take her anyway.

Parties involved in persecuting Ms. Wang:

Yang (杨树明), deputy chief of Hetou Police Station: +86-13920196456(Cell)Wang Xuming (王旭明), policeman: +86-13820955321Chen Bin (陈滨), deputy director of the Tanggu District Police Department: +86-13802030729(Cell)Han Yong (韩勇), chief of Tanggu Domestic Security Division: +86-22-65300923, +86-22-65299079