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Savage Beating

Encouraged by the nationwide policy to persecute Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police savagely beat its practitioners without fear of any legal or regulatory consequences. They have also used over 100 different "instruments," from simple, household items to sophisticated devices, to torture them.

Hebei Woman Brutally Beaten

Ms. Geng Li was bruised in many places after being brutally beaten by the police

An innocent female Falun Gong practitioner was brutally beaten and verbally abused on July 15, 2009, by four or five officers at Xiheying Town Police Station in Hebei.

When one group got too tired to continue, other officers would take over and continue the abuse.

In addition to slapping her face, handcuffing her in a painful position, and shocking her with electric batons, the police used rolled up newspapers to slap her face and arms.

When one roll broke, they made another one and continued. Ms. Geng's face and mouth swelled up. The police shocked her arms and back with electric batons and told her to kneel down.

When she refused, they brutally kicked her legs until she became too weak to stand and fell down on her knees. One policeman stepped on her lower legs to prevent her from moving while the other whipped her knees with a rubber baton.

They then dragged her up and whipped her buttocks with a rubber baton covered with rubber spikes. A young policeman later whipped her legs, feet, shoulders, and arms with a rubber baton until he was tired. Her shoulders, arms, legs, and feet were severely bruised.

Shenyang Woman Beaten to Death in One Day

Ms. Chen Yumei

Ms. Chen Yumei, 48, made a living running a grocery store and a parking garage with her husband.

Police officers arrested Ms. Chen on July 3, 2008, near her home. They punched and kicked her until she passed out on the street. Many bystanders witnessed the incident.

Severely injured Ms. Chen Yumei in the hospital after being beaten by police

Bruises on her body from beatings by police

Ms. Chen was taken to the #463 Military Hospital. The doctor found severe bleeding inside her skull and recommended immediate surgery. She was in coma after the four-hour operation.

Her family saw that her arms and legs were covered with bruises and there were deep scratches on her body. The doctors said that the marks were caused by being beaten or dragged.

They spent 20 hours trying to revive Ms. Chen, but to no avail. She died at around 8:30 p.m. on July 4, 2008.

Burned with a Red Hot Iron Rod, Frozen Feet Plunged into Boiling Water, and Frostbitten

Young Man from Guangxi Burned with Red Hot Iron Rod

Mr. Tan Yongjie burned with red hot iron rod by CCP police in China

Mr. Tan Yongjie, a Falun Gong practitioner from Guangxi, worked in a factory in Bao'an, Guangdong Province. He was the first Falun Gong practitioner injured as a result of being tortured to escape to the US. His case attracted much attention, and the international community condemned the CCP for its heinous behavior.

He was arrested on April 26, 2001, for distributing flyers to tell people about the persecution. Detained in a forced labor camp in Boluo County, he was brutally beaten many times. Once he was handcuffed to a window for five hours with his toes barely touching the ground.

Three guards tortured him again on June 2, 2001. They tied him to a pillar. One guard heated up a rusted iron rod on an electric burner until the rod turned red, then he pressed the rod against Mr. Tan's legs in more than a dozen places. Mr. Tan was severely burned.

His legs shook and he cried out. He was in so much pain that he lost control of his bowels. Then the guards dragged him to a small cell and locked him up.

He could not walk or sleep because of the pain. The guards later ordered him to care for an orchard. The orchard was outside the range of the guards, so he got away.

He escaped to Hong Kong in a truck, and on June 10 he hid inside a cargo ship. After traveling for two weeks and dealing with all kinds of hardships, he reached Long Beach, California, on June 24.

A very kind old man gave him a lift, and he got to Houston. The doctor who operated on Mr. Tan in Houston said he had 13 third-degree burns on his legs.

Heilongjiang Man Lost Both Legs

Mr. Wang Xinchun lost both legs below the knee due to persecution.

On January 8, 2002, the police spotted Mr. Wang Xinchun distributing truth-clarification flyers and chased him. Mr. Wang ran into a remote mountainous area in freezing cold weather and stepped into a river.

His legs were wet up to his knees and soon iced up. The police surrounded the area and captured him two days later.

Wang Wei, head of the local police station, and Cui Yuzhong, chief of the police department, ordered a police officer to pour boiling water into a basin and put Mr. Wang Xinchun's feet in it.

They forced his shoes off in the hot water, and some of his flesh came off with the ice. The police said, “See how good we are. We treat you like family.” What they did severely aggravated the frostbite. His legs festered, and he lost both below the knee as a result. He was only 29.

Jinan College Student Lost Her Toes

Ms. Xu Fayue had to have her toes amputated.

Police officers from Jinan City in Shandong Province illegally arrested Ms. Xu Fayue, a student at Shandong Mineralogy College, on January 12, 2001, from her temporary residence.

Ms. Xu was handcuffed with both hands behind her back at the police station. The police covered her eyes with a towel and savagely kicked her in the head, causing her temples, her forehead, and mouth to bleed so badly that the blood soaked through the towel.

A police officer ruthlessly punched and kicked her and shouted, “I'll kill you and choke you to death!”

She was taken to Liuchangshan Detention Center the next day. She was tied to a bed in a spread-eagle positio, and not allowed to use the restroom, so she had to wet herself.

It was very cold and the temperature fell below -10°C. The police left the door open to make it colder, and her hands and feet were soon completely numb.

Her hands swelled up hugely and turned dark purple five days later. She lost all feeling in her feet. The guards and doctors at the detention center sent her to the Police Hospital, also known as Labor Bureau Hospital.

Her left foot and right hand had second degree frostbite. Her right foot had third degree frostbite, with the first, third, and fifth toes completely dead. Gangrene had already set in, and they smelled terrible.

After nearly a month of “treatment,” most of her big toe, all of her third toe, and part of her fifth toe on her right foot were amputated, handicapping her for the rest of her life.

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