(Minghui.org) Canadian citizens are seeking urgent release of their daughter who was subjected to an illegal trial in China on August 21 for her efforts to rescue a detained Falun Gong practitioner. The danger of an illegally-sentenced prison time is real, even though the trial was adjourned without a verdict.

The woman's current health condition was poor, as observed by her father and defense lawyers during the court session. An online petition has been launched to urge the Shijiazhuang No. 2 Detention Center to release her.

Ms. Chen Yinghua

Ms. Chen Yinghua, 40 years old, accompanied a fellow practitioner to call for the release of her father outside of the Shijiazhuang Prison, where he was detained. Both women were arrested on March 12.

According to the defense lawyers, Ms. Chen couldn't walk on her own and entered the courtroom from the secret passage with the assistance of court police.

Mr. Chen Zhiming, who returned to China from Canada for his daughter, managed to audit the August 21 trial. She vomited during the session and had difficulties speaking. A medical professional measured her blood pressure in the middle of the trial. Nevertheless, the session continued.

During the past five months, Ms. Chen went on hunger strike three times to protest her illegal detention.

“The authorities force-fed my daughter and tortured her on a rack. She was also forced to take blood and DNA tests. She has been persecuted multiple times for her belief in Falun Gong,” according to Ms. Huang Jinling, Ms. Chen's mother.

Ms. Bian Xiaohui unfurls a banner across from the Shijiazhuang Prison. The banner reads “I want to see my father.” Ms. Chen and Ms. Bian were both arrested on March 12.

Ms. Chen's parents, both Canadian citizens, have been trying to rescue their daughter with the help of Canadian legislators and by raising awareness of the case to the general public in Canada. Several major media have covered the situation.

Ms. Huang has held several press conferences about this in Calgary, the latest on August 19, to condemn the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for the illegal trial on August 21.

Two Members of Parliament, James Lunney and Joan Crockatt, have contacted Chinese consular officials since then, urging them to take action to release Ms. Chen.

Illegal Trial of Ms. Chen

Ms. Chen's father returned to China to attend the trial. He's the only immediate family member present. As he arrived at the courthouse with two Canadian consulate staff members who represented Ms. Chen's mother and brother, they were refused admittance despite talks with the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs prior to the trial.

Mr. Chen was eventually allowed into the courtroom after strenuous protest. The two Canadian consulate staff members didn't make in. The more than 10 other family members who had come to witness the proceedings also had to remain outside.

Two domestic security (police) vehicles patrolled near the building. Over 10 policemen monitored and videotaped all in the surroundings.

The session was interrupted as Ms. Chen threw up and had difficulties speaking. A medical professional measured her blood pressure, but the judge continued the trial.

The three defense lawyers protested the court's negligence of defendant rights and left the courtroom. They planned to bring charges against the court to the Shijiazhuang Procuratorate. The trial was adjourned shortly after the lawyers' departure.

After the lawyers left, Mr. Chen had an opportunity to chat with others who occupied the auditing seats. Many said they didn't know the two defendants or the case. A few even told Mr. Chen that they were paid to be there to “watch a drama.”

Mr. Chen exited the courthouse building and saw the two Canadian consulate staff members still waiting there. He briefed them about the trial. Plainclothes policemen came over to listen to their conversation, take pictures and videotape them.