(Minghui.org) Police and local authorities in Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province, have tried to get their hands on samples of local Falun Gong practitioners' blood in recent months. Different schemes have been used to trick practitioners into giving a sample of their blood. The local authorities are reportedly attempting to establish a DNA database of local practitioners.

According to a recent Minghui report, police in many regions in China, especially in Guizhou and Liaoning provinces, have been harassing local practitioners of all ages, and sometimes have taken samples of their blood by force. The police in some cases even took blood from their family members instead. Many police officers have claimed that they are acting on orders from “higher-ups.”

These unusual incidents are suspected of being linked to state-sanctioned organ harvesting.

At Least Three Practitioners from Kaili City Targeted in July

Officer Zhou of the Wanxi Police Station in Kaili City visited Ms. Li Xixian at her home on July 15. Zhou said she was just in the neighborhood and wanted to drop by and say “hi.” After exchanging a few words with Ms. Li's son in private, Zhou took out two test tubes and asked to take a sample of Ms. Li's blood “to see if she had high blood pressure.” Ms. Li firmly refused.

That same day, another practitioner, Mr. Wu Dongxian, received a phone call from the Liangzixiang Residential Committee, asking him to come to the office the next day to talk about his low-income insurance. When Mr. Wu arrived at the committee office the next day, he saw a few others there already waiting. Two people dressed in white lab coats were conducting physical exams and drawing blood from the people in line.

The director of the Residential Committee explained to Mr. Wu that those who receive low-income insurance need to have physical exams twice a year. Mr. Wu knew right away that it was a scheme and quickly left. A sample of his hair had been taken by officers from the Ximen Police Station prior to this and now the community authorities were after his blood.

On July 16, officers from the Chengxi Police Station asked Ms. Yang Zhongxiu for a blood sample. When Ms. Yang asked what they needed the blood for, they told her they only needed a little bit for a blood test. Ms. Yang refused.

Ms. Luo Jindi from Kaili City Harassed in April

Pingguoshan Community Residential Committee officials visited Ms. Luo Jindi in April and asked her to go for a physical. Ms. Luo told them that she was very healthy and didn't need to be examined, but if it was free, her husband could use one. The officials refused to give him one.

Guiyang City Authorities' Scheme

From late April to early July, officers from many local police stations and residential committees in Guiyang City harassed local practitioners and tried to get blood samples from them. Though many refused, some had their blood drawn by force.

Changjianglu Police Station in Guiyang City sent officers to all local practitioners' homes in their jurisdiction. They claimed that more than 40 local residents had the wrong registration number on their identification cards. To correct the errors, they needed to check practitioners' identification cards and family registration booklets, and take samples of their blood for a database. The officers said this was being done on orders from their superiors.

Entire Staff Gives Blood Samples to Get One Practitioner to Comply

Police officers from Danzhai County Police Department visited Ms. Wu Xuexian in late April at the Danzhai County Hospital where she worked and asked for a blood sample. Ms. Wu refused to comply. To her surprise, the entire staff of the Danzhai County Hospital, from the president to the janitor, were required to have a blood test the next day. The president specifically told Ms. Wu that she had to be tested. When she spotted one of the police officers who had harassed her the day before in a white lab coat standing by the entrance of the building, he turned around and quickly left.