(Minghui.org) As cultivators we often talk about “letting go of our human hearts.” An incident that happened to me helped my understanding of this even more.

My husband, who passed away more than 10 years ago, used to sell stamps. He also had a son from a previous marriage. He left me the house and a bag of stamps. I raised my stepson for three years and he also practiced Falun Dafa with me. His mother later wanted him. Seven years ago, my stepson returned with the police, and I was illegally arrested and detained in a police station. I was released within seven days.

I discovered that the stamps my husband left were gone, and I saw three big characters in front of me “loss and gain.” I realized Master, the founder of Falun Dafa was enlightening me.

In May of this year, my stepson called and he wanted the house that my husband had deeded to me. I was shocked. If he had come today there was so much Dafa materials here, and it would have been disastrous. I called a fellow practitioner and we moved the Dafa materials. When I returned home, I discovered that the iron bar on the window was sawed off and the house was a mess. Master's picture was on the floor, and 5,000 yuan in bills with Falun Dafa words on them were gone. Facing the chaos, I was not affected, and I called him and asked him to come over and talk. Several days later, he came and said he wanted the house or to sell it.

Before his father passed away, he deeded the house to me. It was up to me to keep or sell it. Since I am a cultivator, I calmly told him that whatever he wanted to do would be fine. I began sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil factors in the other dimensions that manipulated him. I also told him the facts about Falun Dafa and let him know that his way of handling things were wrong.

Because of my explanations and clarifications about Dafa, he understood the truth and solemnly declared that what he had done was wrong. After the house was sold, he brought the money and said “Mother, you can take as much as you want.”

As a Dafa practitioner, when you can let go of your human heart at critical times, everything can be resolved.