(Minghui.org) I am 16 years old and I began practicing Falun Dafa over ten years ago, along with my parents. Even though I haven't been always diligent, Teacher hasn't given up on me and has given me hints for my improvement. There are quite a few miraculous things that I have experienced since childhood. I would like to share about some of them with fellow practitioners.

Cold Sore Teaches Me a Lesson

The following story has stood out on my cultivation path, and my dad often shares it with other practitioners.

When I was in 7th grade, a female practitioner often visited my home to learn technical things from my father. One day, she was studying the Fa with me. Because I wasn't serious enough, I pronounced a few words incorrectly. After she pointed this out to me, I didn't take it to heart at all. I was even making jokes about my mistakes.

Two days later, the edge of my lips began to peel, and then became swollen. This affected my speech and eating. It hurt terribly when I tried to open my mouth. This was truly like a saying goes, “A tribulation came as a result of what one said.” At that time, I was at school. I didn't consider that it happened because I was not respectful toward Teacher and the Fa. I took it as having something to do with dry weather since winter was coming. Therefore, I took some chapstick with me and tried to use it whenever I could. However, it didn't help, instead, and my cold sore worsened.

This fellow practitioner came to my home again. Seeing that my lips were swollen she laughed and said, “Look, that happened for not respecting Teacher and Dafa!” Her words shocked me. I didn't realize that it happened because I hadn't been serious enough during Fa-study. I ended up paying such a high price. So I learned that I could not be careless when it came to cultivation. I needed to respect Teacher and Dafa from then on.

Sure enough, I felt much better in the afternoon. When I opened my mouth, it didn't hurt as much as before. While being a bit excited about that, I also felt a bit scared. Fa study is a serious matter, and one can not joke about it. This time, I learned a lesson. Even though I hadn't been diligent enough for many years, from then on, whenever I studied the Fa, I tried not to let my thoughts wander about or pronounce anything incorrectly.

Paying Full Attention During Fa Study

When I was in 7th grade, the geology teacher was also the school's principal. She was well-known for being strict, which compelled all of her students in her class to be very focused.

She wanted us to solve a riddle during a class. We were excited and chatted among ourselves. The classroom atmosphere went from being dull to interesting. The riddle was, “All of us began to laugh together.” The answer had to do with the name of a city. We were all struggling with what it was. I thought for a while, then suddenly an idea hit me. I suddenly remembered that when I was studying Zhuan Falun with my dad the previous night, Teacher mentioned,

“When I taught a class in Qiqihar, I saw a person who had a vendor stand on the street and was pulling teeth for people.” (Zhuan Falun)

That must be the answer, I realized. I raised my hand and said, “It is Qiqihar.” Teacher nodded her head and kept praising me, saying that I was so smart. She also rewarded our team.

For me, this was a reminder that while studying the Fa, one should pay full attention, and never let one's thoughts wander. Of course, one also should not expect to gain something through Fa-study, which is also not right. As Teacher said, “...natural attainment without pursuit.” (Lecture in Sydney)

Itchy Rash Disappears While Reading the Fa

When I was in high school, one night I suddenly woke up at midnight. My legs were itching and it felt as if I had been bitten by mosquitoes. There were many itchy spots, and I began to scratch. I turned on the lights and saw that my legs were covered with welts that looked like mosquito bites. The more I scratched, the more itchy I felt.

When I checked the time, it was already 1:00 a.m. I became worried because I had to go to school in the morning. My mother said that I should ask Teacher for help, and look within for attachments. I couldn't find anything, so decided to sit in lotus position. I tried to forget about the pain in my legs and read Hong Yin III.

After I read a few poems, my legs stopped itching and the itching welts got smaller within about ten minutes.

I Must Treasure the Chance to Cultivate

I have been practicing Dafa for more than ten years. Even though I have been immersed in the beauty of Dafa, I often get distracted by the things in this world.

Although I haven't been diligent, benevolent Teacher has never given up on me me. The miracles I've experienced help me realize that Teacher has been treating me as a disciple. If I still don't cultivate diligently, I will truly let Teacher down.

For practitioners like me, if you have obtained the Fa at a young age and have practiced with your parents, please be sure to treasure this precious cultivation opportunity.