(Minghui.org) During a recent group Fa study, a male practitioner in his fifties mentioned that he recently found a new job and was earning 6,000 yuan per month. When I heard this, my eyes popped wide open in amazement.

With my jaw hanging wide open, and after being speechless for a few seconds, I finally said, “Wow! That is a lot!”

The practitioner said, “Yes, I stayed home and took care of my elderly mother for many years until she passed away. When I returned to work I earned the same wage I did at my previous job.”

At this point, I started asking myself why I had such big reaction.

Looking inward, I found my attachment of jealousy. I felt that 6,000 yuan per month was important to me, and that I wished that I could make the same amount.

I also had the attachment of desiring money. I have now found my attachments.

I'm grateful that Master used this opportunity to let me see my attachments and eliminate them.