(Minghui.org) I've been cultivating Dafa for 10 years. I remembered when I first read Zhuan Falun, I had this thought, “Every word in this book is very warm, as though it was written to a long-lost loved one. The teachings have gone straight to my heart. I now know that this Fa is what I've been looking for all my life.” Since I started cultivating, I've joined the RTC truth-clarification project to help rescue practitioners in Mainland China by making phone calls and sending Multimedia Messages (MMS).

Joining a Phone Call Team

I found out from another practitioner that there was a special overseas phone call or RTC team that helps rescue persecuted practitioners in China. I thought, “This is a good project. It specifically targets the 'evil den.' As the saying goes, 'you have to hit them where it hurts.' I have to participate.”

Under another practitioner's guidance, I was trained and joined this RTC platform. It brought together Dafa disciples from Europe, Asia, America and Australia. When there were urgent cases, we employed various methods such as making phone calls, sending forth righteous thoughts, MMS, fax, and playing voice recordings.

My attachment of fear was initially very strong, so I was asked to start with playing voice recordings. When my calls got through, I usually heard swearing coming from the other end. There were also some people who did not answer the call or set the phone to block mode.

The responses would vary, but I tried to have this thought, “I'm here to save you. You have to listen to the truth. Master is compassionate and is giving you a chance. Pick up the phone quickly.” So under Master's strengthening, the rate of people willing to listen increased and this gradually eliminated my attachment of fear.

Seasoned team members took great pains in guiding newcomers in the platform. They prepared many truth-clarification manuscripts for practitioners like me who had never made phone calls before. The manuscripts included information on current affairs, organ harvesting, dissolving the Chinese Communist Party culture, etc.

With encouragement from veteran practitioners, I gradually began to speak assertively when making phone calls. Initially, I could only read from the scripts, but either way other team members always supported me with righteous thoughts. Slowly, I started to use my own words to clarify the truth.

Once, I made multiple phone calls to an older police officer. Each time the call got through, he would start to swear and immediately hang up. But I persisted in calling him back. Finally, after he finished swearing, he shouted, “Can you stop harassing me?” I said calmly and compassionately, “Have you ever thought about why I call you when there are so many Chinese people?”

When he realized that my voice did not have the slightest tone of blame or anger, he became embarrassed and listened. Before he hung up, he apologized repeatedly, “I was not polite just now. It is wrong of me to swear at people. I'm sorry.”

There are many practitioners on the RTC platform who have only been cultivating for one to two years, but they are having good success and improving solidly. I overheard one of them saying, “I made this phone call for your own good and for your family as well. I am saving you and want your whole family to be safe too. Do not persecute people who cultivate the Buddha Law. The crime is too big...” This level of kindness moved many police officers' hearts.

Many of the practitioners who were more experienced reasoned with foolproof logic to make the perpetrators understand. They discussed the history of the various persecution movements by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP); the results of the investigative report on Falun Gong by Qiao Shi, stating that practicing Falun Gong brought no harm to the country and people; Jiang Zemin's dictatorship and his order to persecute Falun Gong, and international condemnation of the persecution.

These facts made many of the perpetrators nervous, and some even anxiously asked, “What am I suppose to do?” The practitioner pointed out compassionately that the only way out is for them to protect Falun Gong practitioners and report ongoing atrocities to the appropriate international organizations.

Setting Up the MMS Team to Rescue Practitioners

Practitioners thought of various methods to disintegrate the evil persecution. They cooperated as one body in both Mainland China and overseas to clarify the truth and help save sentient beings on a large scale, and at the same time, rescued many practitioners who were being persecuted.

Due to the pressure of the persecution, mainland practitioners have no way of being on the platform for a long time and are unable to send messages synchronously with overseas practitioners.

When Mainland practitioners are being arrested and the persecution unit refuses to answer the phone calls, MMS plays an important role because each message can accommodate thousands of words and allow an officer to fully understand the truth. It also prepares them for our follow-up calls.

During this time, there was a practitioner who had to leave the team, so many of us worried that our productivity would suffer. Rescuing people is very urgent. What should we do?

I instantly blurted out “I will send the messages.” Very quickly a practitioner gave me a phone that is specifically for sending MMS. Master also opened my wisdom, and I found that I could easily use the MMS production software.

There were also a few other practitioners with whom I had worked on other projects, and suddenly, they all agreed to join the project. In this way, under Master's arrangement, another MMS team was set up in a short period of time without much preparation.

Practitioners in the MMS team and RTC platform team cooperate closely without any gaps between them. When a practitioner cannot fulfill a shift, the other practitioners support them unconditionally. Everyone is silently harmonizing as one body while validating the Fa and rescuing practitioners.

While making phone calls for the Chinese New Year project, there was no duty roster even though the workload was heavy, and many practitioners were very busy.

Practitioners would be on duty when they had the time. Miraculously, instead of shifts being short staffed, there were often three to four practitioners showing up at the same time.

When creating MMS content, I learned to prioritize the issues in the following manner: “Clarifying the truth about Dafa, facts on organ harvesting, the situation in China versus overseas, the issue of karmic retribution, etc.” We would send appropriate messages according to the needs of each case.

When the project first started, the main content would involve: The fact that Dafa is freely practiced around the world, the truth about the self-immolation incident, the situation in China versus overseas, and persuading the people to do the three withdrawals.

This approach was very successful in eliminating the indoctrination perpetrated by evil CCP and inspiring kind thoughts. Every MMS also includes a link to bypass the Internet firewall, as well as hotline numbers for reporting cases of persecution.

I read a large amount of materials in order to strengthen my talking points and more effectively validate the Fa. Afterward, I would eliminate any evil elements within me and harmonize my whole being into producing the script. After finishing every script, I submitted it to the editorial team. They, in turn, supplemented any areas that I had overlooked.

Later, I read the script to my husband, who does not cultivate, for feedback. This also worked as my way of clarifying the truth to him. After he heard about many of the persecution cases, he took the initiative to write many truth-clarification poems, which I sometimes included in the MMS. One of the poems went like this:Betraying conscience in exchange for wealth;Organ harvesting – a monstrous crime;Retribution always a cycle;Appearing next life if not in this life;Wang Lijun couldn't catch a political career;Bo Xilai found it hard to resist wealth;Quit them all, repent and be saved.

Eliminating Interference and Negating Persecution

I would use strong righteous thoughts to strengthen each MMS and have them exert the most force in Fa-rectification. In my thoughts, every word in the MMS is glittering and transformed into a sword so they can destroy all evil elements and help Master rectify the Fa.

When working on the platform for long periods, often interference would come in the form of chest or stomach pain and numbness in the back of my head. I then had to increase my righteous thoughts to completely negate the old forces. No being is worthy of interfering with the Fa.

I also meditate for a long time to increase my ability to endure hardship and eliminate sickness karma. Under Master's compassionate care, any symptoms pass away quickly.

Interference can also take the form of family tribulations. Once, my 70-year-old mother-in-law suddenly had kidney stones and had to be hospitalized. I sent forth righteous thoughts to completely negate the evil interference and she mysteriously recovered within two days. She no longer required surgery, and upon returning home, passed out bean-sized stones without any pain.

I originally planned to take care of my mother-in-law for one week, but with my righteous thoughts, the whole ordeal ended in less than two days.

Project to Rescue Urgent Cases

There was a case regarding a Mainland Chinese practitioner who had been arrested. His relatives and friends published the story on the Minghui website.

When our team made phone calls to rescue him, the police officer responsible said, “This person is in my hands. He can be released when I lift my hand or sentenced if I put my hand down. If I help you, what benefit can you give me? The cost of living in the mainland is very high. I need some money too. You should know that organ harvesting is happening to Falun Gong practitioners here...”

The team quickly assessed the case and consulted with an overseas practitioner lawyer.

We immediately strengthened our approach of clarifying the truth to this officer, with the basis of saving him. We realized, however, that his main intention was to extort money. He ultimately requested a five million yuan bribe.

During the process of numerous conversations with this party, the rescue team was able to obtain a recording of the officer's extortion attempt, as well as his bank account information, payee name, etc.

This evidence was later handed over to the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG). Soon, the WOIPFG website published an account of the case. The team also exposed this case in social media such as Facebook, Weibo and WeChat.

We became effective in making phone calls to large areas using all kinds of automated broadcasting tools. The MMS team drafted truth-clarification scripts and cooperated with practitioners from the phone call team to synchronously send truth-clarification text and voice messages to public security officers in the persecution units.

So when a practitioner made a phone call, the other party often said happily, “I've seen the MMS twice.”

In clarifying the truth comprehensively, we saw that the evil could not stand it, and the practitioner who was arrested was often released in a few days.

The officer who attempted to extort five million yuan became notorious in that area. When practitioners called him again, he constantly admitted his mistakes and asked for forgiveness. He promised that he would not persecute Dafa disciples again.

With the cooperation as one body in these project, we measured our actions with the Fa and not human notions. When Dafa disciples become one body, the strength exerted is very powerful and can suppress any evil.

Only by walking the path arranged by Master can we can truly save sentient beings.