(Minghui.org) During the month of February this past year, various communities in our area posted slanderous displays against Dafa, which served to poison the minds of community workers and other sentient beings.

Some fellow practitioners saw this and became very anxious. They discussed it with the practitioners in our area. Through discussion we learned that almost all communities, including villages had similar situations. The slanderous displays were made by the “China Anti-Cult Association" or Chongqing "Anti-Cult Association". The displays consist mostly of pictures, with a little text. Usually only the word "cult" is mentioned, but this time it targeted Falun Dafa directly. There was even a large photo of Master. Some of the slander was posted on bulletin boards on the wall inside communities, some were posted on display boards, and some were even posted inside locked frames. With righteous thoughts, practitioners took down some of the displays. In some communities the slanderous displays were untouched for various reasons. We collected community workers' contact information and mailed them truth-clarification materials. We sent righteous thoughts to stop the evil propaganda. Results were not effective.

Some practitioners then realized that we needed to form one body and take action together. So at group Fa study, we made the recommendation to send forth righteous thoughts for several days, intensively. Each person volunteered to send righteous thoughts for an hour each day. Some practitioners who had more time took extra hours that were not covered. So we all agreed with this plan of having our practitioners sending righteous thoughts 24 hours a day.

Practitioners who had to work during the day, covered the evening hours. Every one tried to eliminate the evil beings and factors which were controlling people to post slanderous displays. We realized that if we did not cover our hour to send righteous thoughts the evil beings would take advantage of that time. Some diligent practitioners took the initiative to cover the late night hours and sent forth righteous thoughts more. One practitioner saw that his divine power was like a broad column of light that reached from heaven to earth. When he continued his righteous thoughts into the next hour, he saw two broad columns of light, and he then knew another practitioner had joined him in sending righteous thoughts. Sometimes it was noticed that the second broad column of light was not so bright, later we learned that the practitioner who was supposed to cover that hour had fallen asleep. So this practitioner stepped in and strengthened the righteous forces.

A few days later, the evil in another dimension in our area was greatly cleared. We really felt the change! In one of the communities, community workers were changing the slanderous displays. We thought of the principle taught by Master that we should improve as one body. Master asks every practitioner to improve individually based on the Fa, and cooperate together to reach the goal of overall improvement, in order to achieve the standard. After we formed an impenetrable one body, the evil had nowhere to hide. There is no way for them to interfere with Fa rectification.

So I realized we should do the same in any and all projects. We should treat everything with righteous thoughts, regardless of whether this is a project to expose the evil persecution locally or in other areas. We should all work together and finish our duty as Fa rectification Dafa practitioners. If there are practitioners who coordinate this project, we should actively get involved. If there isn't anyone to coordinate a project, we can step in and take on that role quietly. Because there are not coordinators in China, every diligent practitioner can be a coordinator, or one who assists. In our environment some practitioners are true cultivators, some are not diligent, and some are badly interfered with. Practitioners are at different levels and their cultivation state changes. We should take the Fa as teacher, enlighten from the Fa. On important matters, practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui.org. We must study the Fa well and accomplish the mission of saving sentient beings. This is our current cultivation environment in China.