(Minghui.org) Four years ago, I turned 40. One night, I had a lucid dream. I dreamed I was confined to a dark room, in deep despair and utter pain, struggling to find an exit. I finally spied a small skylight. With much difficulty, I succeeded in climbing out through this narrow opening and found myself in a very beautiful place, surrounded by green grass and fresh flowers. I sensed there was a life in front of me, guiding me.

When I woke up, I knew I would embark on an extraordinary journey.

I thought back to the first half of my life and how I had spent it. To all appearances, my family and work life were both enviable. To me, however, I was in a living hell of mental and physical exhaustion.

I work in a state-owned enterprise and hold the title of Financial Director. Yet, the complexity of interpersonal relationships, the pressure of a heavy workload, and the entanglement of mutual interests had been wearing me down. I was a basket case, and with serious insomnia to boot.

I had already suffered from poor digestion at a young age. As I grew older, my health got worse. On top of that, pressure from work increased. When I got to be middle-aged, a variety of ailments - myocardia ischemia, cerebral hematic inadequacy, hyperplasia of the mammary glands, and arthritis - all showed their ugly heads.

In my heart was a heavy feeling that life was truly exhausting.

In my state of mental anguish, I read through the Taoist Classic, Tao Te Ching, and the Western classic, the Bible, hoping that, through them, I could discover the meaning of life.

Over the years, these books, although providing me with some inspiration, couldn’t offer me more.

I was very friendly with an older colleague in my office. Every time I visited him at his house, I couldn’t help but notice how he and his wife are full of energy. I would suppress a sigh. My own mother would have been their same age but had already passed away.

These two elderly people both practiced Falun Gong and had not taken any medication for over a decade. I was aware that, for many years, during the National People's Congress, my colleague and friend would be taken to the brainwashing center by the authorities and horribly mistreated.

The media have continued to spread lies and slander to turn people against Falun Gong and its practitioners. Yet, even that intense pressure from the entire society had been unable to make him give up his Falun Gong practice. Where did he find the strength to withstand such terrible treatment? What kind of strength is that?

Trying to understand was the reason why I treasured every piece of Falun Gong material I could lay my hands on. I read every word carefully. These truth clarification materials were what brought me closer and closer to the real meaning of life and living.

Finally, I got hold of a copy of Zhuan Falun. That same night, after all my chores were done, I took the book out and started reading. Gradually, the questions that had been troubling me for so long were answered. I knew the one constant measure of good and bad, and that is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If everybody would follow this Falun Gong principle, how marvelous this life would be!

However, I wasn’t quite ready to enter into Falun Gong practice just yet. I was thinking, “I’m still young. My employer would not permit it. My child is not yet of age. I’ll just wait till I’m retired!”

This went on until the day I had my dream…

After that, I got a copy of Master Li’s exercise instruction video. I started doing the exercises at home. Soon, I began to feel a strange energy when I was doing the exercises. Then, I began to realize everything Master says in Zhuan Falun is true.

My body underwent great changes. I felt all my health problems dispersing. In just a few months, my long-term insomnia, myocardia ischemia, cerebral hematic inadequacy, and hyperplasia of the mammary glands were gone. I finally understood through personal experience that a person can actually grow younger and younger.

Now, four years have gone by. I am much healthier than when I was 30. More importantly, I am no longer confused or depressed, because I have Dafa to guide my life.

I am grateful for Master’s abundant grace.

I am also grateful for fellow practitioners who have, for the past 10 years, selflessly and tirelessly helped me to understand the truth and snatched me from a regime that persecutes Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, forbids people to be good people, controls the media, and spreads slanderous lies.

Friends, cherish what you learn from Falun Gong materials. Dafa is your hope for a new life!