(Minghui.org) I am an 11-year-old young practitioner. In a dream once I saw Master give me a large brush pen with a golden body and a golden tip. On the pen body there were Fa wheels that were rotating. Master, in golden robes, wore a solemn and merciful expression. I told this dream to my mom. We enlightened that Master wanted me to write down my cultivation experiences.

1. Study the Fa Well and Turn Peril Into Safety

There was a time when I recited five poems of Hong Yin everyday. One night I had a dream. I saw myself flying to the Falun paradise. The four Chinese characters in the name of the Falun paradise looked like four live Buddhas.

I flew into the Falun paradise and stayed at Master's side. Master sat on a lotus throne and smiled at me. Master extended his hand, and I flew into Master's hand. I felt a joy and comfort that cannot be described with language. A large chunk of candy fell onto my head. There were rotating Fa wheels above the candy. I peeled the candy wrap and ate it. The candy tasted extremely sweet, which was incomparable to anything in the human world. After I woke up, I still experienced that wonderful taste in my mouth. I realized that Master was encouraging me. From then on, I was more diligent in cultivation than ever before.

One time I was going downstairs, and I fell from the fourth floor to the third floor. At that moment I remembered that Master said: “Good or evil comes from that instant thought.” (“Lecture Four” in Zhuan Falun) I stood up and brushed off the dirt. I was fine with only some redness on my face and elbow.

Another time, I had mumps. My mouth was swollen and I could not open my mouth.My mom asked for a week off from school for me. However, the teacher said that this disease was infectious and that one week off was not enough; the teacher asked me to stay home for 20 days. My mom asked me to recite Zhuan Falun. I memorized two pages in the morning. The next day I was fully recovered and went back to school. The teacher was surprised and didn't see any trace of symptoms that indicated I was sick.

2. Maintain Xinxing

I had a hat that was the same as another classmate's hat. One day, that classmate couldn't find his hat and accused me of stealing it. At that moment, I realized that I was a practitioner and was not moved. One moment later, the classmate found his hat in his desk and apologized to me. I smiled at him and said: “No problem.”

Just as the one accusation ended, another classmate swore at me: “How could you steal my pen?” I said: “You lost your pen? Take mine.” That classmate took my pen and returned to his seat. He found that his pen was in his stationary. He was very embarrassed and apologized to me. I smiled and said: “It's OK.” I saw my classmate's face turn red for the first time. His face had never turned red, even when he was insulted by others. But this time, his face turned red. From then on, he particularly respected me. One day while we were playing a game, I persuaded him to quit the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Young Pioneers.

I was playing jump rope once with a few classmates. A boy came over and held and shook my head vigorously. I gave him a little push. The boy was annoyed and started to swear at me and punch me. At once I realized that I was a practitioner, and I should not fight back when being punched or insulted. The boy dragged me into a corner of the building, pushed me to the ground, then kicked me in my belly, chest, and face. This boy had taken karate lessons and was notorious for fighting in school. He often fought with others. Once he beat a classmate into a coma. Luckily I was protected by Master; I only had a few areas of redness on my face and chest. The boy did not stop hitting me until the homeroom teacher was called.

This was the biggest insult I ever had. Even though I didn't say anything about it, I felt pain in the area where I was hit. The teacher and classmates all thought that was unfair to me, which made me feel even more distressed. At the same time, I knew that it was a tribulation for me to overcome.

I went home at noontime and told my mom about the distress in my heart. My mom said: “Nothing is random. Look inward to see: 'Is there something I didn't do well? Or did I spend too much time playing?'” My mom recited Master's Fa: “What is Forbearance (Ren)?” (Essentials for Further Advancement) I just couldn't stop tearing up.

I picked up a Dafa book and opened the book. One paragraph of the Fa caught my eye:

“As long as you stress the cultivation of your xinxing, treat yourself as a true cultivator and restrain your actions in ordinary people's society accordingly, then your gong will grow.” (“Teaching the Fa in Beijing at the Zhuan Falun Publication Ceremony”)

The Fa awakened me. At that instant, all my distress and pain disappeared. It seemed like nothing had happened. I went back to school in the afternoon and felt that I was a completely different person from the one in the morning.

Actually, I didn't fight back because I was incapable of doing it. As a practitioner, I know I have supernatural abilities. I didn't fight back because I wanted to uphold my xinxing. One day I unintentionally revealed my supernatural power in front of a classmate.

This is what happened: One of my classmates was tall and chubby; he looked like an adult. He could lift me up over his head. One day he rushed towards me and shouted: “You are going to die!” I unconsciously did the exercise movement “Vajra Toppling a Mountain” and said to him: “Vajra Toppling a Mountain.” Surprisingly, my classmate seemed to encounter a strong whirlwind and fell to the ground with his face up. He was in pain and shouted: “What martial arts do you practice? Why is it so powerful?”

3. What I Saw While Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

I had an experience one evening in May, at the time of the global sending forth righteous thoughts. Right after I sat down, I saw a huge black ball in the sky. The black ball was as big as the sky. There were large crows constantly flying out of the ball and coming towards me. I kept sending righteous thoughts. There were just too many crows to be eliminated by me, and they looked horrible.

One thought instantly came to mind: “Only Master can help me.” In just a second, Master sent me one golden dragon and two golden phoenixes. The golden dragon was around me, and the two golden phoenixes sat on my left and right shoulders. They started to swallow the crows. In just a moment, the sky was clear again.

The next day I told my mom and my grandma what I experienced. The three of us together sent forth righteous thoughts. I again saw that black ball, which was even larger. Suddenly, a giant knife flew through the sky and cut the black ball into two halves. There was a red dragon and a big toad inside. These two monsters were awakened. They rushed towards me. I asked for help from fellow practitioners around the world. Many golden dragons flew out of practitioners' hands. These golden dragons sprayed fire from their mouths towards the two monsters, which turned the monsters into ash. The black ball was also eliminated. All the black crows ran into the CCP's bloody flag.

On the third day, we again sent righteous thoughts. Right after I sat down, I saw the scene of the CCP's bloody flag: it was full of crows that surrounded a giant crow egg. The crow egg was as big as four large buildings. All the crows emitted their evil energy into the egg. The five stars on the bloody flag were five executioners that liked to eat humans' hearts and livers. They grabbed those who hadn't done the “three withdrawals” and took out their hearts and ate them, and they fed the leftover of the corpses to the crows.

One day in May, a teacher was talking about the history of the CCP. I was reluctant to listen to it, and I started to send forth righteous thoughts. I recited: “The Fa rectifies the universe; the evil is completely eliminated.” Right after I said the word “Eliminate,” “Bam,” a CCP flag that hung above the podium fell and knocked the teacher down onto a chair.

4. Persuading People to Do the “Three Withdrawals” and Saving Sentient Beings

One day I was playing a game called “Bank Robber” with a classmate. Whoever wins the game has the right to “kill the other.” I always won the game, but I never said: “I kill you.” Instead I made a jingle: “Going to the street, persuading people to do the “three quits,” and one quits after another.” My classmate asked: “What are you saying? What is the 'three quits'?” I said: “Quitting the Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneer League. Anyone who quits will have a good future.” My classmate said at once: “I heard about it, but I didn't quit.” I said: “Can I help you quit?” He replied: “Certainly.”

One day a girl in my class was talking by herself during a music class. The music teacher punished her by having her stand outside. The girl felt distressed and was crying. I comforted her by saying: “Nowadays people's morals are corrupt; teachers have no love towards us. These are all due to Party culture and brainwashing by the CCP. We are all the CCP's victims. Now people all want to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. You should quit the Young Pioneers.” We didn't notice that the girl's mom was nearby and was listening to our conversation. Her mom said to me: “Good child, I want to quit too.” There was another girl who was with us, and she wanted to quit the Young Pioneers after listening to our conversation.

One year my mom was persecuted by the CCP. My parents then divorced. I was depressed, lost interest in studying at school, and did not like to study the Fa. One time I didn't finish my class homework. A female teacher gathered a few boys and wanted them to pull off my pants in front of the class. I cried loudly and held my pants tightly. At last, they could not do it. But the whole thing made me feel deeply insulted.

At home, while crying, I told my mom what happened at school, and I told her I was not willing to go to school anymore. My grandma also learned about this. My mom and grandma went to see that teacher and calmly said to the teacher: “We learned of the incident from our child. We do not agree with the way you handled it. The child has been crying. It hurt her so much. We are all practitioners who believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. We just want to kindly point out what you did was wrong. We all were educated in the CCP culture and understand that there is no better way to educate children under this circumstance. We just hope you won't do that to another child.”

After hearing what my mom said, the teacher realized that what she did was wrong and apologized to us. We told her about the “three withdrawals,” the evil party culture, and about the persecution of Falun Dafa. She agreed with what we said and quit the communist Youth League. From then on, she has been kind-hearted to students.

The school later asked her to join the CCP, but she refused. However, the school insisted on her joining the party, and she had to join against her will. One time, she told the whole class: “After you attend middle school, you will be faced with joining the communist Youth League, and worse off, joining the CCP.” I quietly asked the teacher later: “Teacher, did you join the CCP?” She said: “I have quit it by writing my proclamation on paper money.” She said: “Only you, your mom, and I know this.” We smiled as we looked at each other.

The Fa-rectification has not ended. There will be more exciting cultivation stories coming.