(Minghui.org) I remember when I was a child, I saw my friend being bullied by bigger classmates. I wanted to help, but I was so small and timid, I didn't dare. It made me want to learn a martial art to overcome evil and protect the good.

Occasionally I saw my PE teacher practicing boxing on the playground. I was filled with envy. This dream was still prominent in my mind until my late 20s. I also liked to read martial arts books.

When my father was young, he knew a little martial arts. Although he wasn't great at it, nobody dared to offend him. My grandfather was a devout Catholic. My father, uncle, and aunt are all Christians, so my family had a good reputation.

Beggars, migrant workers who didn’t have money to return home, or people being chased would all come to our home. My mother was so kind, she would not eat beef. She often said, “Cattle work hard their whole lives. When they get too old to work, people kill them for food. When cattle were killed before my eyes I broke down in tears. I can't bear to eat beef.” As a result, my family hardly ever bought beef.

Although we were impoverished, I was very happy as a child. It was not until I started working that I truly learned what it felt like to be sad. I didn’t go to school and couldn’t find a job I liked; all the good jobs were controlled and occupied by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I could only find work as a laborer to move bricks and sand at building sites.

The head foreman at the building site always comforted me: “Learn well and you might lay bricks in the near future.” Every day I kept company with several workers my age. Slowly I learned to pick fights, I gambled, smoked, and spent time at Internet cafes and karaoke bars. Except for taking drugs, I picked up all the usual bad habits.

Some friends sometimes asked me to take drugs: “Give it a try, it can be very comforting.” I never tried it. I sometimes carried a dagger with me, especially in the evening. I had no idea why I would carry a dagger with me.

I started seeing how the CCP members and their “People’s” police were the worst people. After my friend was mistakenly targeted and deliberately beaten to death, the murderer was released the next day, I realized then that there are people much worse and more evil than I.

This friend’s wife had just had a baby less than a month before; I didn’t even know how to help her.

Gradually, thoughts of hatred and killing, especially wanting to kill regime officials, started to brew within me. When I heard of an incident somewhere, I always wanted to go and find out which regime officer was responsible. I always wandered around outside at night. When I woke up the next morning my mother always told me, “Don’t always come back so late, it’ll harm your health in the long run.”

I started to restrain myself when my mother developed cancer. I was very sad. We had no money for her to see a doctor. If she went to hospital, we would spend what little money we had, and I would eventually lose her anyway. So I worked during the day and stayed at home in the evening, searching through medical books.

When I worked away from home, I would go to book stalls to try to find medical books, looking for prescriptions to cure my mother. After two or three years, I still hadn't found a cure.

I had more time at home at night, and I started reading a box of old medical books my father used when he studied medicine. It was difficult going, and I wanted to give up. But when I thought of Mother, I persevered. I bought a radio, and when I was tired from reading, I would listen to the radio.

One midnight, by chance, I listened to “Radio Free Asia” on the short wave, and heard a female Falun Dafa practitioner from Shandong, who talked about Falun Dafa as a high level Buddha School cultivation practice based on the universal principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

She mentioned the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation, spoke of Master Li Hongzhi’s compassion, and the healing and fitness benefits of cultivating Dafa. She shared that all her illnesses had disappeared after she cultivated Dafa. She also talked about a lot people who suffer from terminal illnesses.

I was suddenly hopeful, as if I saw a bright light ahead.

It was great! I’d found the cure for my mother! I kept wondering where I could find Falun Dafa books, because what was said on the TV about Falun Dafa was completely different from what was said on the radio. I decided to try it myself before teaching my mother.

Later on, I found the precious book Zhuan Falun in a secondhand book stall. I started learning by myself, but there were no exercise instructions in the book. So I listened to the radio every evening. When I heard that by using FreeGate, UltraReach, DynaWeb one can open the Minghui website and download Master’s lectures and exercise instruction video, I was so excited.

I got up immediately and ran to the Internet cafe. I found and downloaded Master’s lectures and exercise instruction video. It was three o’clock in the morning when I got home.

I fell asleep after I learned a few movements. I got up very early the next day and recalled the exercises I had learned on the Internet. Because I didn’t have a computer at home, I started to plan to buy one to watch Master’s lectures.

Since I started cultivation in Falun Dafa, I have given up all my bad habits such as drinking, fighting, smoking, etc. I no longer have thoughts of killing. In the book Zhuan Falun, we are taught to always think of others, to be a really good person. One cannot kill, killing is sinful.

After practicing Falun Dafa, many problems like dizziness, headaches, coughing, cholecystitis, rhinitis, gastritis, heartburn, and frequent colds were all gone. I felt my whole body was so light. Dafa is great, amazing!

I felt that, up till then, I had lived in vain. What the CCP broadcast was a lie, all made up. I felt that Master was so kind. He taught us such a precious Dafa for free. I felt that I should stand up to let other people know that we’ve been cheated for so many years by the CCP.

My mother did not go to school, but she read the Dafa books and I taught her the exercises. Eventually, though she was not predestined to obtain the Fa, she knew that Dafa was good, and she knew that I’d found her “good medicine.”

My mother passed away. My father and sister, as Catholics, all knew Dafa was good, and that Dafa was being wrongly persecuted. I was pleased that they finally started Dafa cultivation, too.

Master’s compassion awakened my conscience; I can’t keep silent when Dafa disciples are being persecuted, I can’t stand by while Master is being wronged. These couple of years, through working, I saved up enough money to buy a computer and printer. I started burning truth-clarification DVDs, installed NTD satellite dishes for people, and have been walking the path of Dafa cultivation.