(Minghui.org) I am a 76-year-old farmer and live in a remote village in Liaoning Province. I started practicing Falun Gong in 1995, nearly two decades ago. My family has benefitted greatly physically and mentally from Falun Gong, and we find it impossible to repay Master Li Hongzhi for His grace! I want to recount an amazing incident to show the magnificence of Falun Gong.

By 1995, my wife had been suffering from uremia for several years. The previous three years, when she had gotten to the point where she was unable to take care of herself, I carried her on my back to all the large hospitals all over the northeastern provinces and Beijing, exhausting our entire life savings of more than 100,000 yuan and accumulating debt, but to no avail. The doctors finally announced, “There is no need to seek further medical help, as there is no hope for her. Just let her live out her final days.”

No Hope for My Wife's Recovery

In the fall of 1997, she was very thin, couldn’t eat or speak, and her eyesight was gone. When I fed her a spoonful of water, she would spit it out. I got everything ready for her funeral, then telephoned all our family members. All our close relatives arrived and gathered around her.

When she was unable to ingest even a drop of water in a week and had practically stopped breathing, we dressed her in her funeral attire and made ready to place her on the customary makeshift board assembled from some wooden door planks.

I then whispered in her ear: “You can’t talk and you can’t see. All your family is here. You have heard everything they said, and now I want to say a few last few words. We have been husband and wife. You’re not even 60 years old. I’ve done everything I could for you, and we’ve visited all the hospitals we could. We’ve tried every remedy and have exhausted all our savings. There’s no cure for you in this life.

“Yet, how can I just let you go? I have nowhere to turn. I can only plead with Master. I believe only Master can save you. But you wouldn’t listen, and you wouldn’t believe. You witnessed the changes in me and you acknowledged the changes. You said you couldn’t do it, so now you’re leaving me. Please hear me one last time. If you agree, please nod your head. If you don’t, make no sign. Will you place your trust in Master and Dafa? Will you honestly say in your heart, ‘Falun Dafa is good?’ Will you listen to the recordings of Master’s lectures? These will do you good whether you go or stay. Do you want to listen to me?”

My wife nodded her head!

Awakening to Falun Gong

Tears suddenly came to my eyes. Master would save her!

I immediately played the recording of Master’s lectures. A couple of the relatives were saying I was being silly and a doting but good husband who would have his dying wife listening to Master’s lectures.

Except for our daughter, everybody left my wife’s side to take a break, since they hadn’t rested for three days. Some of them were soon fast asleep.

After listening to two lectures, my wife stirred. She awoke and could turn over. Our daughter called out, “Mother can move! Mother is turning over by herself!”

All the relatives crowded around, stunned by this change of events. They all proclaimed, “This is truly amazing!”

A day later, my wife could speak. She said, “I’m hungry.” Our daughter rushed to fix her some steamed egg custard. My wife ate it all up.

In three days, she sat up by herself. She asked for Zhuan Falun. She quickly read it through. Then, she sobbed.

Seven days later, she got out of bed and cooked for everybody. All the relatives were still there. They all witnessed the changes in her. When they all gathered around to eat, they asked her to tell them what had happened.

Rescued by Master

She said: "I was being led by a man dressed in black. He told me he was taking me to a good place. We walked for a good long time. I was tired and I didn’t want to go on. Just then, a big hand grabbed me from behind and a voice said, ‘You can’t go with him. Your husband, your daughter, and all your relatives are waiting for you to go home. Hurry home.’ The hand grabbed me and made me run back.

"As I ran, I heard, ‘You run by yourself!’ I felt a push, did a big somersault, and when I picked myself up, I heard my daughter say, ‘Mother moved. She is turning over.' I suppose that’s how Master rescued me! The past three days when I was listening to Master’s lectures, I felt a lot of things rotating in my body. They were turning faster and faster, and the more they turned, the better I felt.

"I’m sure my body was being cleansed! Through reading Zhuan Falun, I finally know who I am. The sickness I suffered was from those karmic debts I owed in all my different lifetimes that I couldn’t pay back. It is Master who has taken them upon Himself and borne them for me. The debts are now paid. Every trace of my disease is wiped clean from my body. I feel light and I'm truly free of illness. All of you look at me. Do I look like I am sick?"

She respectfully thanked Master many times and said, crying, “Thank you, Master, for saving my life!”

Relatives Witnessed the Power of the Fa

She then got up and said to everybody, “I also thank you all for coming to say good-bye to me. You didn’t really get to say good-bye, because I lived! You have witnessed everything with your own eyes. I myself have just now truly felt Master’s compassion and Dafa’s magnificence! I’m going to start doing the exercises and practicing Falun Gong right now. Later on I will be going around with my husband to pay you all visits, to spread Dafa to you and your families. I want you all to join me in learning Dafa and the exercises!”

My wife should have died but she lived. It stunned everybody in our village. They all came to our house to inquire. Most of them came to study the Fa and learn the exercises. Because our house has a big yard that can accommodate 50 to 60 people, our house naturally became a Fa study and exercise site.

After word got out, a lot of people in the neighboring villages asked to participate in the exercises and Fa study. In just a few days more than 200 people came to participate. The three neighboring villages set up practice sites and Fa study groups. My wife and I went around to relatives wherever they lived to spread the Fa. Those were years of total bliss.