(Minghui.org) When Mr. Meng Xianguang and his wife, Ms. Xu Xiaohua, clarified the truth about Falun Gong to Zhao Guangcheng, deputy manager of the Nanhu Police Station in Shenyang City, on March 25, 2014, Zhao did not listen. Instead, he pulled out a pistol, pointed it at them, then fired it in the air and arrested the couple.

Zhao and other police officers severely beat and injured Mr. Meng, but turned around and charged him with assaulting the police. Mr. Meng is still in detention. His wife was released on the night of April 29, 2014.

Arrested and Framed

Zhao Guangcheng arrested Mr. Meng and his wife for distributing Falun Gong informational materials near Liaoning Exhibition Center on March 25, 2014. He and five or six urban administrative personnel severely beat Mr. Meng until his eyes were bloodshot, his face swollen, and his mouth bloody. Ms. Xu had severe symptoms of asthma, but she was nonetheless pushed down during the arrest. Her knee was injured and she could not walk. They took the couple to the Nanhu Police Station.

At the station, two officers who were not on the scene muttered, “What's the charge?” One said, “Put down that he assaulted the police.” Even though the police had injured him, Mr. Meng was charged with assaulting the police. Since he had been previously sentenced for practicing Falun Gong, he was treated as a “repeat offender.”

On the day of the arrest, police went to Mr. Meng's workplace, Yuantong Courier. They put pressure on his supervisors and took the staff directory for “investigation.”

Forced Physical Examination

Mr. Meng and Ms. Xu were forced to have a physical exam the next afternoon. The examination was over at around 7 p.m. A doctor examined the couple's wounds but made no record of them. Mr. Meng was forced to pay in cash for the exams.

At night, Zhang Bo, manager of the Nanhu Police Station, deceived the couple into “going to the hospital for another check up” and put them into separate cars. They took Mr. Meng to the Heping Detention Center, and Ms. Xu to the Shenyang City No. 1 Detention Center. Ms. Xu was rejected due to low blood pressure, so Zhang Bo took her to the hospital. She suffered symptoms of asthma and convulsions after one day and two nights of torment, so the police took her back to the detention center.

Ms. Xu sat on the ground in front of the detention center gate, as her asthma symptoms and convulsions worsened. After a long time, the police carried her inside. Zhang Bo said, “Now that you are inside this gate, your tossing around is useless, so you better follow orders to suffer less!” He asked Ms. Xu, “Do you hate me?” She replied, “No.” The same question had been asked by deputy manager Zhang Guangcheng and Heping Police Department officers, and they got the same answer.

Ms. Xu Released, Mr. Meng Still Being Held

The Nanhu police did not notify the couple's family about the arrest. They later broke into their home to search, without a warrant.

On April 29, 35 days after the arrest, the Procuratorate did not approve the arrest due to lack of evidence of wrongdoing, thus ending Ms. Xu's detention. The Nanhu police then called her mother to have her pay bail. They tried to get Ms. Xu to sign a document permitting “residential surveillance,” but she refused. She returned home on the night of April 29.

Mr. Meng is still being held as a “repeat offender.” The couple's private belongings, motorbike, keys, bank cards, Mr. Meng's ID card, and two cell phones are all being held at the Nanhu Police Station.

Benefited from Falun Gong

Mr. Meng was born in 1966 and graduated from Shenyang Radio and TV University with a degree in computer science. Ms. Xu was born in 1980 and graduated from Heilongjiang Oriental Institute with a degree in interior design. They began to practice Falun Gong in 2010. Mr. Meng has earned a very good reputation in his workplace by following the standards of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Partial List of Parties Involved in the Persecution:

Zhang Bo (张博), manager of Nanhu Police Station: +86-24-23525809, 86-24-23892340Zhao Guangcheng (赵广成), deputy manager of Nanhu Police StationSun Jianjun (孙建军), deputy director of Shenyang City Police Department, 47-year-old, police batch no.10007: +86-13609810669 (Cell)Ma Lixin (马立新), captain of Shenyang City Domestic Security Division: +86-15904065273 (Cell), +86-24-23106005 (Office)Captain Dong (董队长), Shenyang City 610 Office: +86-24-23106002