(Minghui.org) Master said in “Fa Teaching on Falun Dafa Day,” “Resources are limited. They should be used for saving sentient beings.” (unofficial translation) As soon as I read this, I realized where I've fallen short in my cultivation, and I've gained a deeper understanding of what “resources” means for a practitioner.

Money Resources

I often get carried away by my attachment to fashion and spend money on clothes and accessories. Even though I already have a lot of stylish clothes, I still give in to my attachment to buying newer and more fashionable clothing.

Practitioners have the great responsibility of saving sentient beings. If I had given priority to Dafa's needs, how could I spend my money this way? A printer, flyers, a cell phone, or phone cards are very necessary tools for saving sentient beings. But how much have I spent on these things? If I continued on this way, this could become a loophole for the old forces to exploit.

I felt guilty after I read Master's new lecture. I see my discontentment and selfish pursuit. It's time for me to eliminate it for good.

Time Resources

I have failed to persist in doing the exercises and sending forth righteous thoughts. I always find excuses for myself when I'm busy. I thought it was acceptable to follow the mundane rule. But thinking back carefully, I realized I've wasted a lot of time sleeping, chatting, unnecessary shopping and other attachments. Sometimes I even kept doing my chores when it was time to send forth righteous thoughts. Not making the best use of our limited time is also wasting Dafa's resources.

When every thought of ours is from the perspective of practitioners, when we know what we should do, we wouldn't allow time to slip by so easily. It takes time to save sentient beings. I could have sent forth righteous thoughts and clarified the truth to people I met while shopping. As an example having a mindset of maximizing our time, one of my fellow practitioners goes to a different hairdresser each time so that she can get a chance to clarify the truth to different people.

Mental Resources

I often make comments on things. My commenting on whether I like this or dislike that is a reflection of my human mentality. Actually my likes and dislikes are all my sentimentality.As a practitioner, I should stop my bad thought as soon as it appears. Any attachment to likes and dislikes may lead me astray from Dafa. Sometimes, I don't really try to eliminate my attachments. When I don't forge ahead, I stop making any progress and I've even gotten worse. I have missed so many opportunities. I need to study the Fa with a quiet mind, use Dafa's principles to view everything in life and make diligent advancement in my cultivation.

We practitioners are Dafa's resources for saving sentient beings. We have to treasure Dafa, our predestined relationship with Master, and our lives. We are here to save people. Master's lecture woke me up. There are too many illusions in the world. We have to stop being distracted and make the best use of Dafa's resources. It's the only way we can do the three things well.

This is my understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.