(Minghui.org) I live in the Shandong Province countryside near Jinan City. My grandson Yuanyuan turned nine-years-old this year. It is difficult to imagine that he passed a life and death trial to live to this day.

Yuanyuan was four years old in 2008. He was diagnosed with Leukemia by doctors at one of the most prestigious hospitals in Beijing. After chemotherapy and radiation protocols his condition improved.

He relapsed three times during the following five years and was hospitalized immediately. At the hospital, they used the most advanced technology to treat him. We spent over 800,000 yuan altogether on medical expenses. However, he was not cured.

In April of this year he suddenly complained of a headache and diarrhea. His headache worsened and the pain was excruciating. He hit his head against the wall, or hit it with a hammer. He kept shouting from the pain. Seeing this, we were all in tears.

The best doctor in Beijing said: “There is no hope. We have done all we could do for him.”

This affected the entire family. We couldn't eat or sleep and were in deep agony. His condition was deteriorating. He couldn't keep food down, and his body was swollen, and his face was swollen to the point where one could hardly see his eyeballs. His complexion and skin color changed to deep dark. He was lying on the bed and couldn't speak. At that point, we couldn't do anything else but call his grandma.

Falun Dafa Rescues Little Yuanyuan

His grandma is a Falun Dafa practitioner. She came with Teacher's Fa lecture recordings and the book Zhuan Falun.

She asked all of us, including Yuanyuan to quickly recite “Falun Dafa is good.”

After he had recited these words a few times, he kept down the fruit he ate, as well as other food. His headache subsided. Seeing that, everyone in our family kept reciting the words Falun Dafa is good from deep within our hearts.

After reciting these words for another two days, Yuanyuan could go to the bathroom by himself. He also followed his grandma to do the exercises. He also listened to a lecture of Teacher's Fa teaching.

Seven days later, the swelling was gone and he was no longer in pain. He started to play games, and after 10 days his grandparents took him outside to play for half a day. It appeared that his Leukemia symptoms completely disappeared.

On June 17, Yuanyuan's health condition was normal. He said: "It was the Falun Dafa Teacher who saved me!"

We truly appreciate that Teacher saved Yuanyuan from the bottom of our hearts! We appreciate Falun Dafa for giving our child a new life! We didn't spend a penny this time, but Teacher healed our child's Leukemia.

I want to tell people worldwide that the reason for the Falun Dafa Teacher spreading the practice is for saving people. Whoever believes in it would benefit from it, and whoever believes in it would be saved.

We sincerely want to say thank you to benevolent Teacher. You saved my grandson's and our lives! We promise that we will spread Falun Dafa!