(Minghui.org) After a city official received a dozen pre-recorded truth-clarifying phone calls on his cell phone in January, he gave orders to arrest the practitioners who made the calls.

Through cell phone tracking, the police located an area where the phone calls originated. They searched the homes of practitioners in that area and arrested one of them.

We figured out that the police were able to locate and arrest nearly 10 more practitioners by looking at the records in the first practitioner's cell phone and taking photos of the license plates of the cars that arrived at the practitioner's home.

Reflecting on this incident, we want to identify our attachments and not make the same mistakes again.

Safety Issue

Last year, local practitioners in our city purchased a large number of cell phones to make pre-recorded truth-clarification calls. One practitioner had 5 phones and used them at the same time, making a large number of calls.

There's nothing wrong with making a large number of calls, of course. But there were some conflicts between a local coordinator and the practitioner who was in charge of the phone call technical issues. Our coordination did not go well. Also, seeing that the overall environment is now getting better, some practitioners had attachments to doing things. Some were using multiple phones, some lost phones, and some forgot to turn the program off and kept auto calling people until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning.

Many practitioners had stopped practicing for some years and only started again recently. Every one of them had one or more phones, and they did not know about the safety requirements.

It was quite common that they mixed using cell phones and landline phones or used one phone to call another. They changed phones or phone cards frequently, as soon as they felt it might not be safe, but they did not change all the phones. When they used a new phone to call one of the old ones that was monitored by police, the new phone immediately became unsafe.

When a phone is monitored, police not only can locate where the phone is and record all the calls it made, but also can use the phone itself as a microphone and record any sounds in the area.

When a practitioner was arrested, other practitioners drove their cars or motorbikes to the home of the arrested practitioner. They did not realize that the surveillance cameras placed around the practitioner's home captured their license plates. They were quickly tracked and arrested.

Not Doing Well in the Phone Call Project

The phone number list was not managed very well. Many practitioners chose numbers that were cheaper to call. That meant some numbers were called multiple times, while more expensive numbers were not called for years.

Some people complained that they got pre-recorded calls late at night. They were so angry that they said bad things. We are not afraid of what people say about us, but what will happen to those people when they say bad things about Dafa and Dafa practitioners? This was a result of our mistakes. We destroyed them rather than save them.


Another big problem is that practitioners depended on phone calls too much and they neglected other ways of clarifying the truth. Distributing printed materials was reduced dramatically.

Pre-recorded phone calls convy less information than printed booklets. Many practitioners admired and depended on the local coordinators too much, and, as a result, coordinators were in charge of everything, from establishing a material production site to purchasing materials to being technicians and instructors.

Some coordinators went around the city and purchased a large number of cell phones and other materials. Not only was this not safe, but it also held other practitioners back from walking their own paths. When many people depend on one person, everything stops when this person is not there. In that case, troubles will descend on this person.

For one of the truth-clarification projects, I am in charge of purchasing the materials. If I stop, then the project will most likely stop. I did not think of helping more people work independently.

What is hidden behind this “everything-on-one-person” system is, in fact, a show-off mentality, or people being too eager to "do something."

Treating Our Cultivation Seriously

The above were some of the surface causes for the recent arrests. A deeper reason, I personally think, was also related to the fact some of the local coordinators were spreading some evil "enlightenment." They led a group of people to keep spreading those things, which directly disturbed other practitioners doing the three things.

I am writing this to warn my fellow practitioners, as well as myself, that we should treat our cultivation seriously.

The evil uses our attachments. They use our attachments to make ordinary people commit crimes against Dafa and Dafa disciples. Those police officers who arrested practitioners are the true victims. If we cultivated more diligently and eliminated those attachments earlier, those police officers might not have committed the crimes and might have been saved.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out any wrong ideas.